Pepper and Tomato Seed List, Fast-look up!

PLEASE NOTE: If there are any links that give a 404 error please let us know so we can fix it right away. If the link is clickable then we have a page for it. Sometimes links break and need to be fixed so please let us know! Thank You.

This list is all of our Pepper and Tomato seeds in alphabetical order so you can locate the varieties you are looking for fast! We are adding to this list every few days, so be sure to check it first. We will also add varieties we do not sell yet but will in the future. These might not be hyperlinked and will be BLUE and GREEN (see color codes below). This page is still being built and therefore always being updated but you can search each page for seeds.  We do plan on adding a search bar soon! Feel free to contact us if you have a variety you want but don't see it here. If you find a link that don't work or other problems PLEASE contact us and let us know so we can fix it immediately!

BLACK- Everything in BLACK means we are still offering it even if it's out of stock.

BLUE- Everything in BLUE means we are going to offer it in the near future.

RED- Everything in RED means we are no longer offering it at this time but may offer it again in the future.

GREEN- Everything in GREEN means we are actively looking for it an will offer it in the future once acquired.



42 days Tomato

67-Jahrige Tomate Aus Babelsberg 

506 Bush Tomato


African Brown Tomato

Arbuznyi Tomato

Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato



Barnes Mountain Yellow Tomato

Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato

Basinga Tomato

Beefsteak Tomato

Belmonte Tomato

BHN 1021 Commercial Tomato

BHN 189 Commercial Tomato

BHN 268  Commercial Tomato

BHN 444 Commercial Tomato

BHN 602 Commercial Tomato

BHN 871 Commercial Tomato

BHN 901 Commercial Tomato

BHN 964 Commercial Tomato

BHN YC1 Commercial Tomato

Bi-Color Cherry 

Big Rainbow Tomato

Big White Pink Stripe Tomato

Big Zac Tomato

Black Beauty Tomato

Black Cherry Tomato

Black from Tula Tomato

Black Krim Tomato

Black Prince Tomato

Black Zebra Tomato

Blondkopfchen Tomato

Blue Bayou Tomato

Blush Tomato

Box Car Willie Tomato

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato

Brandywine Pink Tomato

Brandywine Yellow Tomato

Brown Tomato

Brown or Black Plum Tomato



Cafe Blue Tomato

Calabash Tomato

Campari Tomato

Celebration Tomato

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Cherokee Tiger Large Tomato

Chile Verde Tomato

Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato

Chocolate Stripes Tomato

Chmielewsky's Wild Tomato

Climbing Trip-L-Crop Tomato

Cosmic Eclipse Tomato

Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato

Costoluto Genovese Tomato


Dad's Sunset Tomato

Dark Galaxy Tomato

Delicious Tomato

Dester Tomato

Dinner Plate Tomato

Douchoua Pepper Tomato


Elberta Peach Tomato

Emerald Evergreen Tomato

Everglades Tomato


FLA 47R Tomato

FLA 7514 Tomato

Florida Petite Tomato (Micro Dwarf)

Floragold Tomato (Micro Dwarf)



7 Pot Brain Strain Pepper

7 Pot bubblegum Pepper

7 Pot Douglah Chocolate Pepper

7 Pot Douglah Red Pepper

7 pot Infinity Pepper

7 pot Jonah Pepper

7 Pot Lemon Pepper

7 Pot Original Red Pepper

7 Pot Primo Red Pepper

7 Pot Primo Orange Pepper

7 pot White Pepper

7 Pot Yellow Pepper


Acı Biber Pepper

Aconcagua Pepper

Aconcagua Giant Pepper

Aji Ahuachapáu Pepper

Aji Amarillo Pepper

Ají Calabaza Pepper

Aji Cereza Pepper

Aji Charapita Iquitos Pepper

Aji Charapita Pepper

Aji Charapita Pepper Dwarf

Aji Charapita Peach Pepper

Aji Charapita Red Pepper

Aji Chombo Pepper

Aji Cirel Pepper

Aji Cito Pepper

Aji Cristal Pepper

Aji Dulce #2 Pepper

Aji Ethiopian Fire Pepper

Aji Guaguao Pepper

Aji Habanero Pepper

Aji Imbabura Pepper

Aji Jobito Pepper

Aji Largo Racoto Pepper

Aji Minas Gerais Pepper

Aji Omnicolor Pepper

Aji Panca Pepper

Aji Peanut Pepper

Aji Penec Red Pepper

Aji Penec Yellow Pepper

Aji Penec Orange Pepper

Aji Peruvian Pepper

Aji Rainforest Pepper

Aji Santa Cruz Pepper

Aji Tapachula Pepper

Aji Verde Pepper

Aji White Fantasy Pepper

Akabare Khursani Pepper

Al-Bab Pepper

Albainian Red Hot Pepper

Albino Bullnose Pepper

Aleppo Pepper

Alma Paprika Pepper

Anaheim Hot Pepper

Ancho Chile Pepper

Aribibi Gusano Pepper

Aurora Pepper


Barrackpore Pepper

BBG 7 MAMP Orange Pepper

Beaver Dam Pepper

Bellingrath Gardens Pepper

Bell of Gollu Pepper

Bell of Lebanon Pepper

BGH 0077 (PI 441598) C.chinense

BGH 0436 (PI 441609) C.chinense
BGH 135 (PI 441602) C.chinense
BGH 1656 (PI 441612) C.chinense
BGH 1694 (PI 441617) C.chinense
BGH 1717 (PI 441619) C.chinense
BGH 1721 (PI 441621) C.chinense
BGH 1723 (PI 441622) C.chinense
BGH 1724 (PI 441623) C.chinense
BGH 1725 (PI 441624) C.chinense
BGH 1733 (PI 441626) C.chinense
BGH 1768 (PI 441627) C.chinense
BGH 1895 (PI 441629) C.chinense

Bhut Jolokia Orange Pepper

Bhut Jolokia Red Pepper

Bhut Jolokia White Pepper

Big Mustard Mama Pepper

Biquinho Amarelo Pepper

Biquinho Pepper

Birds Eye Pepper

Bitola Pepper

Black Bhutlah Pepper

Black Cobra Pepper

Black Habanero Pepper

Black Scorpion Pepper

Black Scorpions Tongue

Bleeding Borg 9 Pepper

Blue Ghost Pepper

Bode Pepper

Bolivian Cream Pepper

Bolivian Orange Pepper

Bolivian Yellow Pepper

Bolivian Rainbow Pepper

Brazilian Starfish Orange Pepper

Brazilian Starfish Red Pepper

Brown Bhutlah Pepper

Brown Egg Pepper

BTR Scorpion Pepper

Buena Mulata Pepper

Bulgarian Ratund Pepper

Bull's Heart Pepper


C00276 C.frutescens
C00873 C.chinense
C00917 C.chinense
C01177 C.chinense
C01307 C.frutescens
C01403 C.chacoense
C01706 C.frutescens

California Wonder Bell Pepper

California Wonder Golden Pepper

Caloro Pepper

Canario Pepper

Candlelight Pepper

Candlelight Mutant Pepper

Candy Cane Pepper

CAP 201 C.frutescens
CAP 205 C.frutescens
CAP 206 C.frutescens
CAP 212 C.chacoense

CAP 455 Pepper

CAP 499 Pepper C. chacoense

CAP 500 C.eximium

Cap 501 Pepper C. chacoense

CAP 524 Pepper C. chacoense

CAP 800 Pepper

CAP 872 Pepper

CAP 1141 Pepper C. praetermissum

CAP 1445 Pepper C. chacoense

CAP 1478 Pepper C. praetermissum

CAP 1493/80 Pepper

CAP 1546 Pepper

CAP 1639 Pepper

CAP 1655 Pepper, (Bola)

Capsicum buforum

Capsicum cardenasii

Capsicum dusenii

Capsicum flexuosom

Capsicum galapagoense Type 1

Capsicum galapagoense Type 2

Capsicum geminifolium

Capsicum hookerianum

Capsicum hunzikerianum

Capsicum lanceolatum

Capsicum mirabile

Capsicum parvifolium

Capsicum praetermissum

Capsicum Rhomboideum

Capsicum schottianum

Capsicum stramoniifolium

Capsicum Tovarii

Capsicum villosum

Cappuccino Naga Pepper

Cappuccino Naga Red Pepper

Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper

Carmen Pepper

Carolina Cayenne Pepper

Carolina Reaper RED Pepper

Carolina Reaper Yellow Pepper

Carolina Reaper Chocolate Pepper

Cascabel Pepper

Cascabella Pepper

Catarina Pepper

Cayenne Sweet Pepper

Charanero Pepper

Cheiro Roxa Pepper

Chi Chien Pepper

Chilhuacle Negro Pepper

Chile de Onza Pepper


Chipotle Pepper

CGN 16941 Pepper C. sp

CGN 19198 Pepper

CGN 20800 Pepper

CGN 20805 Pepper

CGN 21500 Pepper
CGN 21566 Pepper

CGN-22208 Pepper

Chimayo Pepper

Chocolate Habanero Pepper

Cobincho Pepper C. exile

Condors Beak Pepper

Corbaci Pepper

Corno di Capra Pepper

Corno di Toro Pepper

Count Dracula Hot Pepper

Coyote Zan Pepper

Costeno Rojo Pepper

Criolla De Cocina Pepper

CRX Fatalii Pepper (HR) F-2

Cubanelle Pepper

Cumari Do Para Pepper

Cumari Pollux

Çumra Cherry Pepper


Datil Pepper

Devil's Tongue Pepper

Dorset Naga Pepper

Dragon's Breath Pepper

Dulce Marron Pepper


Earbob Pepper

Eğlen Pepper

Elephant's Ear Pepper

Elephant Pepper

El Chaco Pepper
El Incendio Pepper

El Oro de Ecuador Pepper

Espelette Pepper

Ethiopian Brown Pepper

Evergreen Pepper

Explosive Blast Pepper

Explosive Ember Pepper


F4016 Pepper

Fatalii Yellow Pepper

Feherozon Paprika Pepper

Fidalgo Roxa Pepper

Figaro pepper

Fiji hot (PI 439431) Pepper

Filius Blue Pepper

Fips or Fiesta pepper

Firecracker Pepper

Fish Pepper

Fish Pepper (RED)

Florida Grove Pepper

Florida Grove Pepper Klinger's

Focinho de Porco Pepper

Fresno Pepper

Friariello Pepper

Fushimi Pepper


Gator Jigsaw Pepper

Geon La Do Korea Pepper

Georgia Flame Pepper

Giant Marconi Pepper

Giant Sweet Devil's Pepper

Goat Horn Pepper

Gölbaşı Pepper

Golden Cayenne Pepper

Golden Nugget Pepper

Goldfinger Pepper

Greek Pepperoncini Pepper

GRIF 12450 C.chinense
GRIF 9128 C.chinense

GRIF 9148 Pepper

GRIF 9165 C.annuum
GRIF 9191 C.chinense
GRIF 9193 C.chinense
GRIF 9221 C.baccatum
GRIF 9224 C.chinense
GRIF 9225 C.chinense
GRIF 9246 C.chinense
GRIF 9249 C.chinense
GRIF 9259 C.chinense
GRIF 9271 C.chinense
GRIF 9272 C.chinense
GRIF 9273 C.chinense
GRIF 9274 C.chinense
GRIF 9297 C.chinense
GRIF 9300 C.chinense
GRIF 9302 C.chinense
GRIF 9304 C.chinense
GRIF 9308 C.chinense
GRIF 9357 C.chinense

Griller Pepper

Guadalupe Black Pepper
Guajillo Pepper

Gypsy sweet Pepper


Harbiye Pepper

Hardy Chili Pepper

Hatch Ms. Junie Pepper

Hawaiian Kona Pepper

HellFire Chili Pepper

Hellraiser Pepper

Hinkelhatz Pepper

Honeypeno Pepper

Honeypeno No.2 Pepper

Hot Beads Pepper

Hot Marbles Pepper

Hot Paper Lantern Pepper

HR 116 Black Rib Pepper

HR 215 Hot Pepperoncini Pepper

Hungarian Black Pepper

Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper


Inca Berry Pepper

Indian Jwala Pepper

Italian Pepperoncini Pepper


Jalapeno Cracked Pepper

Jalapeno Early Pepper

Jalapeno Farmers Market Pepper

Jalapeno Orange Spice Pepper

Jalapeno Slim Jim Pepper

Japanese Shishito Pepper

Japanese Wild Pepper

Japones Pepper

Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion Pepper

Jigsaw Pepper

Jimmy Nardello's Pepper

Joe's Long Cayenne Pepper


Kampanaki Pepper

Kathumby Black Pepper

Komodo Dragon Pepper

Kovin Pepper


Large Thick Cayenne Pepper

Lemon Drop Pepper

Leutschauer Paprika Pepper

Liebesapfel Pepper (Candy Apple)

Lombok Chile Pepper

Lipstick Pepper

Long Thin Cayenne Pepper

Lunca Pepper

Lunchbox Orange Sweet Pepper

Lyon Pepper


Madame Jeanette Yellow Pepper

Madaya Pepper

Malagueta Pepper

Malaysian Goronong Pepper

Manzano Orange Pepper

Manzano Red Pepper

Manzano Yellow Pepper

Marconi Purple Pepper

Mari Poivre Pepper

Mari Yellow Pepper

Maule's Red Hot Pepper

MA Wartryx Pepper

Melrose Sweet Pepper

Mini Chocolate Bell Pepper

Mini Red Pepper

Mini Yellow stuffing Pepper

Mirasol Chile Pepper

Mixed Pepper Seeds

Mojo Blackie Pepper

Monster Yellow Bell Pepper

Mr Purple Hot Pepper

Mulato Isleno Pepper

Murupi Giant Red Pepper

Mushroom Red Pepper

Mustard Habanero Pepper


Nagalah Red Pepper

Naga Morich Pepper

Naga Viper Pepper

Nosegay Pepper

NuMex Orange Spice Pepper


Orange Pimiento Habanero Pepper

Orange Sun Bell Pepper

Orango Sweet Pepper


Paradeisfrüchtiger Pepper

Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes Pepper

Padron Pepper

Peach Blue Ghost Pepper

Peach Congo Pepper

Peach Ghost Jami Pepper

Peach Habanero Pepper

Peach Piments Habanero Pepper

Peito de Moça Pepper

Pequin Pepper

Pérola Iaranja Pepper

Peter Pepper Orange

Peter Pepper Yellow

PI 159234 C.chinense
PI 159236 C.chinense
PI 159238 C.chinense
PI 159240 C.chinense
PI 159241 C.chinense
PI 159246 C.chinense
PI 159247 C.chinense
PI 159248 C.chinense
PI 159263 C.chinense
PI 159264 C.chinense
PI 195301 C.chinense
PI 197405 C.chinense
PI 209028 C.chinense
PI 209590 C.chinense
PI 213916 C.chinense
PI 213917 C.chinense
PI 213918 C.chinense
PI 215732 C.chinense
PI 215733 C.chinense
PI 215734 C.chinense
PI 215736 C.chinense
PI 215737 C.chinense
PI 215738 C.chinense

PI 224412 C.chinense (CGN 21545)
PI 224424 C.chinense
PI 224428 C.chinense
PI 224444 C.chinense
PI 224445 C.chinense
PI 224446 C.chinense
PI 224447 C.chinense
PI 224449 C.chinense
PI 238046 C.chinense
PI 238047 C.chinense
PI 238048 C.chinense
PI 238049 C.chinense
PI 238050 C.chinense
PI 238053 C.chinense (CGN 17037)
PI 241669 C.chinense
PI 241671 C.chinense
PI 241673 C.chinense
PI 241678 C.chinense
PI 241678 C.chinense
PI 244667 C.chinense
PI 257045 C.chinense

PI 257050 C.chinense
PI 257051 C.frutescens
PI 257059 C.frutescens
PI 257064 C.chinense
PI 257065 C.chinense
PI 257068 C.chinense
PI 257075 C.chinense
PI 257078 C.chinense
PI 257079 C.chinense
PI 257080 C.chinense
PI 257081 C.chinense
PI 257084 C.chinense
PI 257085 C.chinense
PI 257086 C.chinense
PI 257090 C.chinense
PI 257091 C.chinense
PI 257094 C.frutescens

PI 439410 Pepper

PI 645681 Pepper C. eximium

Piaozinho Pepper

Pimenta da Neyde Pepper

Pimiento Sweet Pepper

Pink Tiger Pepper

Piri-Piri Pepper

Pizza Pepper

Poblano Pepper

Purple Beauty Bell Pepper

Purple Cayenne Pepper

Purple Cayenne Pepper (Short)

Purple Flash Pepper

Purple Ghost Pepper

Purple Ghost Scorpion Pepper

Purple Tiger Hot Pepper

Puya Chile Pepper


Quadchili Pepper

Quintisho Pepper


Red Cloud Ratund Pepper

Redgum Nagabrain Pepper

Red Savina Pepper

Renkli Aci Pepper

Rezha Macedonian Pepper

Rocotillo Pepper

Rocoto Guatemalan Orange Pepper

Rocoto Mini Brown Pepper

Rocoto Mini PI 387838 Pepper

Rocoto Montufar PI585273 Pepper

Rocoto San Isidro Pepper

Rosemary Pepper

Royal Black Pepper


Saras Green Pepper

Satan's Kiss Pepper

Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Red Pepper

Scotch Bonnet Jamaica Yellow Pepper

Scotch Bonnet Haiti Red Pepper

Serrano Pepper

Serrano Tampequino Pepper

Shattah Pepper

Sheepnose Pepper

Shu Variegated Pepper

SRTSL Pepper

Star of Turkey Pepper

Sugar Rush Cream Pepper

Sulu Adana Pepper

Sweet Banana Pepper

Sweet Chocolate Pepper

Sweet Peach Habanero Pepper


T.S. X Morango Pepper

Tabasco Pepper

Tabasco Short Yellow Pepper

Takanotsume (Hawk Claw) Pepper

Tatlı Boynuz Biber Pepper

Tatli Süs Biberi Pepper

Tatli Top Pepper

Tehrani Pepper

Tekne Dolmasi Pepper

Tepin (Dwarf) Pepper

Tepin Pepper

Tequila Sunrise Pepper

Texas McMahon's Bird Pepper

Thai Hot Orange Pepper

Thunder Mountain Longhorn Pepper

Thunder Mountain Longhorn Orange Pepper

Tobago Seasoning Pepper

Topepo Rosso Pepper

Tricolor Variegata Pepper

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper

Trinidad Moruga Yellow Pepper

Trinidad Perfume Pepper

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Pepper

Trinidad Scorpion Sweet Pepper

Tunisian Baklouti Pepper

Turkish Cayenne Pepper

Turkish Oily Paste Pepper

Turkish Sweet Ball Pepper


Urfa Biber Pepper


Venezuelan Tiger Pepper

Vezena Piperka Pepper


White Bullet Habanero

White Cloud Pepper

White Lakes Pepper

Wiri Wiri Pepper

White Zinfandel Bell Pepper


Xigole Pepper


Yaki Blue Fawn Pepper

Yellow Bullet Habanero Pepper

Yolo Wonder Pepper

Yukari Bakan Pepper


Zavory Pepper


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