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Tomatoes are a must grow for all gardeners. They add zest to our daily lives and are some of the most expensive vegetables in the supermarket! So growing tomatoes is a wise move when you are crunching the budget. offers you a wide variety of tomatoes to choose from. Everglades tomato, Golden Currant Tomato, Pineapple Tomato, PI 647528, PI 645319, San Marzano Tomato, Roma Tomato, Beefsteak Tomato, Totem Tomato, Tiny Tim Tomato, NC 84173, San Marzano, Husky Cherry Red tomato, Box Car Willie Tomato, Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Sainte Colombe Tomato, Rutgers tomato, Blue Bayou Tomato, Green Zebra Tomato, White Tomesol Tomato, Big Rainbow Tomato, Cocktail Tomato, Santa Maria Tomato, Solanum peruvianum, Spoon Tomato, Gezahnte Tomato, Wild pink cherry tomato, Solanum humboldtii, Galapagos Island Tomato, PI 629218, Black Cherry Tomato are just some of the tomato varieties we offer. We soon plan to offer tomato starts in spring to many of these varieties once we can expand our greenhouses and gardens.

Here is the Galapagos Wild Tomato Minor, Solanum galapagense. It also goes under the botanical name of Lycopersicon cheesmaniae var. minor or L. cheesmanii var. minor but the (Solanum galapagense) is the accepted botanical name. Their are 2 species native to the Galapagos Islands, major and minor. There are also 2 variations of the minor, a hairy type (1) and a non-hairy type (2). This listing is for the minor (Solanum galapagense) non-hairy type (1) variety. The wild tomato (Solanum galapagense) from Galapagos Archipelago is a very rare tomato type to come across! This Indeterminate, regular leaf, perennial tomato plant produces 3/8" sized, orange, tomatoes that have a smooth skin (non-hairy) and can be a heavy producing variety. We found this variety to be resistant to most diseases. The fruits are edible and delicious BUT may have a toxicity so grow it as an ornamental till further research is done. We have eaten them already and had no side affects. This species tends to handle coo

Solanum galapagense

Here is the Chmielewsky's Wild Tomato, Solanum chmielewskii, new for 2020. This wild tomato is native to the Andean valleys of southern Peru to northern Bolivia at 7600 to 10000 feet ASL. The base of the stem can become very woody and be grown like a annual! This Indeterminate, pinnate leaf, perennial tomato plant produces 1/2" sized, light green type tomatoes with tinges of purple when grown in full direct sunlight and has a peach fuzz skin that can be a heavy producing variety. Plants can get to over 6 feet tall and sprawl along the ground. They do have a distinct aroma that does not smell like a regular tomato plant but rather a lemony like aroma. We found this variety to be resistant to most diseases. The fruits are edible and delicious BUT may have a toxicity so grow it as an ornamental till further research is done. This variety is a long season type with fruits ripening into late September or October but will flower all year if wintered over the following year. Seeds are tiny an
This 2025 Micro Dwarf Mixed Tomato Seeds has a little of all the micro dwarf varieties we offer. In this offer you will receive 20+ mixed varieties of tomato seeds from our 2022 harvest!  This is a great choice for those just getting started with growing tomatoes or for those on a budget but want to grow some micro dwarfs.
santa maria tomato
Lucky Tiger Tomato
Big Rainbow Tomato
White Cherry Tomato
Blue Bayou Tomato
Black Beauty Tomato
Homestead Tomato
Delicious Tomato
Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato
Rutgers Tomato
Big Zac Tomato
Here is the White Tomesol Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum This is a must have if you want to get into the white tomatoes. They can get 6 to 8 oz and are considered a beefsteak type. they can range in color anywhere from a ghostly white to a beige bone in color an some times tends to get pink blushing on the bottom. Plants are very good producers for a white tomato. They were first offered by seed savers in 1998. indeterminate, Open pollinated Matures in 65 to 75 days.
Green Zebra Tomato
Ponderosa Red Tomato
Hillbilly Tomato
Green Tiger Tomato
Here is the Costoluto Genovese Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum, This tomato is an old world Italian tomato dating back to the 1800's! This tomato is considered a "ugly" or " fluted" type. They are great producers with fruit sizes 2 to 7 OZs and are crack-resistant with smooth skinned fruits and a nice balance of sweet and tangy flavor witch makes a great tomato sauce. They are Mid-season, indeterminate, regular leaf type tomato verity. Resistance to fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt. Semi-Determinate. Open pollinated 80 days.
Ukrainian Purple Tomato
White Queen Tomato
Dinner Plate Tomato
Kellogg’s Breakfast Tomato
Jersey Devil Tomato
Here is the Humph Tomato Solanum lycopersicum, A rare heirloom tomato, probably dating back several decades. Produces medium to large, beefsteak like fruits that ripen to lime green, with subtle amber striping. The fruits also have green flesh and a zesty, fruity flavor. Plants can be very products in full sun light. Indeterminate. Open pollinated. 80 days.
Dad's Sunset Tomato
Blondkopfchen Tomato
Speckled Roman Tomato
Mint Julep Tomato
Henderson's Pink Ponderosa Tomato
Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato
Here is the Sainte Colombe Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum. This tomato comes from the Sainte-Colombe-sur-l'Hers region of France. These deep pink tomatoes have a great balance of sweet an tangy flavor. They are fairly meaty, and are good in a salads or making sauces. Plants can get to 8 feet tall! They are a pretty good producer and makes fruits from 1/2 to 1 lb. Indeterminate open pollinated 70 days from transplant.
Arbuznyi Tomato
Here is the Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum “Cosmonaut Volkov Handles cold…unscathed,” says Anne Elder. A superb home-garden variety with good commercial potential both outdoors and in tunnels, Cosmonaut always tastes good, occasionally sublime. The best two tomatoes I’ve ever eaten were Cosmonauts from different gardens in different years. Usually ripens quantities of deep red slightly flattened 8–12 oz globes at the beginning of August when tomato craving is at its peak. Even in cold summers, it will produce dependably by mid-August. What makes Cosmonaut so special is its juice: sweet, rich and full-bodied. Volkov was the Russian explorer who fell through space. From Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine, brought to America by the Seed Savers Exchange. Indeterminate open pollinated 65 days.
Schimmeig Striped Hollow Tomato
Here is the Golden Jubilee Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum This is a very unique tomato in a few different ways. The tomato is a low acid heavy producing tomato variety. It has a sunset yellow orange color with a nice balance of sweet and tangy flavor.  Plants get to around 5 feet tall with thick sturdy stems. A good northern climate Indeterminate variety. open pollinated 75 days.
Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Lemon Boy Tomato
Polish Linguisa Tomato
Box Car Willie Tomato
White Beauty Tomato
Husky Cherry Red Tomato
great white tomato
Thai Pink Egg Tomato
Mountain Gold Tomato, NC 84173
patio tomato
Pink Accordion Tomato
Tomato on the vine Tomato
Sweet 100 Tomato
San Marzano Lungo No. 2 Tomato
Black Zebra Tomato
Here is the Tiny Tim Dwarf Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum originates from the USA and was introduced by the University of New Hampshire in 1945. It does exceptional well in hot humid weather. We found this variety of tomato to do quite well indoors. They have a delicious flavor and make a great sauce! Plants can get to 8-16 inches tall producing dozens of Cherry sized tomatoes! This is good producing tomato variety! Diseases resistant to, Alternaria Stem Cancer and Stemphylium. We do have reason to believe this variety to be semi-determinate. Open pollinated determinate, 65 days from transplant.
Emerald Evergreen Tomato
Totem Tomato (Dwarf)
Beefsteak Tomato
brown tomato
porter tomato
roma tomato
san marzano
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