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This page is all of our Tomato seeds cataloged by: color, species, type ETC... so you can locate the varieties you are looking for fast! We are adding to this repository every few days, so be sure to check it first. These pages are still being built and therefore always being updated but you can search each page for seeds. If you find a link that don't work or other problems PLEASE contact us and let us know so we can fix it immediately!

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Here is the Speckled Roman Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum, Created by John Swenson, This tomato is a sight to see. Its a cross between a Antique Roman and Banana Legs. It is an elongated plum tomato with stripes that run down the fruit with deep orange streaks with a tail at the bottom. Plants are very productive with fruits getting to as long as 5 inches long! With it's rich flavor and rare beauty, makes this a new winner. Indeterminate regular-leafed plants, Open pollinated 70 days from transplant.
Here is the Ca Chua Hong Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum. This tomato originates from Vietnam and is considered a very old heirloom in that country. This very rare variety is a large beefsteak type with fruits that can get to 4+ pounds! They make monster pink beefsteak fruits that are very juicy and have a wonderful sweet flavor. Plants can get to 6+ feet tall and bare as many as a dozen monster tomatoes on each plants. Average size tomato is about 3 pounds. Great choice for making sauce. Open pollinated. Indeterminate. 60-85 days.
Here is the 67 – Jährige Tomate aus Babelsberg Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum. This tomato originates from Germany and was considered an old European heirloom that had recently been rediscovered in a seed bank in Germany. The fruits are about 2 to 3 inches round but slightly oblate, regular leaf, inside yellow with a yellow skin and a hint of red-orange when fully ripe. Jährige Tomate aus Babelsberg translates from German to "Year-old tomato from Babelsberg". Mid season plants tend to get not much bigger then 3 feet tall. Great tasting tomato with an old world flavor. Open pollinated. semi-determinate. 60-80 days.

Tomatoes By Species


Solanum L. humboldtii 

Solanum juglandifolium

Solanum lanceolatum

Solanum lycopersicoides

Solanum lycopersicum

Solanum L. cerasiforme

Solanum neorickii

Solanum ochranthum

Solanum pennellii

Solanum pimpinellifolium

Solanum pyracanthos

Solanum quadriloculatum

Solanum rostratum (S. cornutum)

Solanum sessiliflorum (Cocona)

Solanum sisymbriifolium

Solanum sitiens

Solanum spontaneum (Kruisbestomaat)

Solanum rostratum (S. cornutum)

Solanum uporo

Solanum wallacei

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