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Pepper Seeds By Selection

This page is always updating

This page is all of our Pepper seeds cataloged by: color, species, SHU ETC... so you can locate the varieties you are looking for fast! We are adding to this repository every few days, so be sure to check it first. These pages are still being built and therefore always being updated but you can search each page for seeds. If you find a link that don't work or other problems PLEASE contact us and let us know so we can fix it immediately!

BLACK- Everything in BLACK means we are still offering it even if it's out of stock.

BLUE- Everything in BLUE means we are going to offer it in the near future.

RED- Everything in RED means it is NOT available to the general public worldwide.

GREEN- Everything in GREEN means we are actively looking for it an will offer it in the future once acquired.

Here is the Mini Brown Rocoto Pepper, Capsicum pubescens, Scoville Units: 5,000 to 30,000 SHU. The pepper originates from South America and Its also known as the "Mini Rocoto Brown Pepper". The flowers are purple and plants only get to around 3 feet tall and spread out wide. The peppers are about 1  inch round with black seeds. Plants are a good producer with dozens of pods. They grow very similar to many other Rocoto type peppers but with much smaller fruits. Fruits tend to be late season and takes a long time to ripen. Open pollinated, 75 to 90+days.
Here is the Paradeisfrüchtig Frührot Pepper, Capsicum annuum var. grossum, Scoville units: 000 SHU. This Pepper originates from Austria and is widely used through out the region. The pepper has a red skin when ripe but starts off green. Fruits tend to be a flattened and ribbed pepper shape and sometimes referred to as "retund". The fruits get to 3 inches across and about 1.5 inches thick with thick walls. They have a great pepper flavor and very crispy but has no heat. This pepper is considered to be uncommon in the market place. One plant can produce a dozen or more peppers and get to 2 feet tall. You can Grow it as an annual or ornamental in the vegetable garden or bring it in for the winter! Open pollinated 75 days.
Here is the BBG7 MAMP (Mojo Addicted Mutation Pepper) Black Pepper, Capsicum chinense, Scoville units: 100,000 ~ 350,000+ SHU. This pepper originates from Italy and was created by Mojo peppers. It is a cross between BBG 7 pot pepper and the Pimenta da Neyde pepper. Pods start out pitch black then ripens to red mottled with orange, green and black with an red calyx and gets to around 2.5 inches long. Plants can get to 5 feet tall and produce dozens of fruits per plant. The peppers have an amazing rich flavor with a very medium striking burn that don't go away very fast! It is now an F-2 or older, and is somewhat stable. Open pollinated 90+ days.
Here is a special offer of pepper mixed seeds! These are the seeds that get away from us during processing. At the end of the day there thousands of seeds that fall away from the packaging. We gather them up an put them into a bucket. Once seeds get mixed you cant sell them with out knowing exactly what they are. We process over 250+ varieties of peppers a year and there are lots of left overs. A list of some of them will be listed below and we are offering them in this incredible package deal! We do NOT make any claims that you will receive all 250+ seed varieties since we have no way of knowing witch are witch. Open pollinated mixed varieties of seeds.

Peppers By Species

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Capsicum annuum

Capsicum baccatum

Capsicum benoisti

Capsicum buforum

Capsicum caatingae

Capsicum caballeroi

Capsicum campylopodium

Capsicum carassense

Capsicum cardenasii

Capsicum ceratocalyx

Capsicum chacoense

Capsicum chinense

Capsicum coccineum

Capsicum cornutum

Capsicum dimorphum

Capsicum dusenii

Capsicum eshbaughii

Capsicum eximium

Capsicum exile

Capsicum flexuosom

Capsicum flexuosom Red Flower

Capsicum flexuosom Yellow Flower

Capsicum aff. flexuosum

Capsicum friburgense

Capsicum frutescens

Capsicum galapagoense Type 1

Capsicum galapagoense Type 2

Capsicum geminifolium

Capsicum havanense

Capsicum hookerianum

Capsicum hunzikerianum

Capsicum lanceolatum

Capsicum leptopodum

Capsicum longidentatum

Capsicum longifolium

Capsicum minutiflorum

Capsicum mirabile

Capsicum Aff. mirabile

Capsicum mositicum

Capsicum neei

Capsicum parvifolium

Capsicum pereirae

Capsicum praetermissum

Capsicum piuranum

Capsicum pubescens

Capsicum ramosissimum

Capsicum recurvatum

Capsicum regale

Capsicum rhomboideum

Capsicum schottianum

Capsicum scolnikianum

Capsicum Sp.

Capsicum sp. nov. (GEB & CCG 3637)

Capsicum spina-alba

Capsicum stramoniifolium

Capsicum tovarii

Capsicum villosum

Peppers By SHU

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Golden California Wonder Pepper (4).JPG


Cowhorn Pepper (17).JPG

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