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Here is Capsicum Sp. Nov. (GEB & CCG 3637), Scoville Units: Unknown SHU. This pepper originates from South East Brazil and is more of a woody shrub then a plant and can reach 5.5 feet tall and bushy. This species is a Black seed wild variety with very tiny seeds. The fruits range around .25 inches in size and are green or cream/orange at times and as many as 3 fruits per node. They can be very heavy producers well over 100 berries per plant. This is among some of the most difficult to start from seed with some seed that can pop up as long as a year later! We are offering only seeds at this time. We will update this listing once seeds become available in the fall. Open pollinated up to 120 days to sprout.

NOTE: This species is a newly discovered capsicum and is not fully named yet. Not much is known about it at this time. The seeds we are offering for 2023 and 2024 are being imported and resold as is and make no clim. We are simply reselling what our sources is providing us. Prices are based on our cost including import fees and product cost.

Capsicum Sp. Nov. (GEB & CCG 3637) Wild Pepper

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    These are very very difficult to sprout. they can take 30 to 120 days to sprout and need to be in constant 73 to 79 F all the time. they need to be only moist not soppy wet to sprout. We suggest using a very light GA3 in soak over night. DO NOT OVER SOAK SEEDS IN GA3 AS GA3 CAN KILL THESE SEEDS VERY EASY. also water with distilled water and not tap water. Tap water is very high in Ph and calcium. agitate the soil every 2 weeks with a tooth pick as this stimulates the seed to sprout. We do not recommend scarification unless you know exactly what your doing. Do NOT give up if seeds do not sprout! Give it time as the super hard shells are very hard for them to crack. All the wild black seed varieties are like this. Its best to sprout in spring when its very warm in a green house. seeds can sit dormant in soil for years, so give it time and patients.


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