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Tomatoes are a must grow for all gardeners. They add zest to our daily lives and are some of the most expensive vegetables in the supermarket! So growing tomatoes is a wise move when you are crunching the budget. offers you a wide variety of tomatoes to choose from. Everglades tomato, Golden Currant Tomato, Pineapple Tomato, PI 647528, PI 645319, San Marzano Tomato, Roma Tomato, Beefsteak Tomato, Totem Tomato, Tiny Tim Tomato, NC 84173, San Marzano, Husky Cherry Red tomato, Box Car Willie Tomato, Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Sainte Colombe Tomato, Rutgers tomato, Blue Bayou Tomato, Green Zebra Tomato, White Tomesol Tomato, Big Rainbow Tomato, Cocktail Tomato, Santa Maria Tomato, Solanum peruvianum, Spoon Tomato, Gezahnte Tomato, Wild pink cherry tomato, Solanum humboldtii, Galapagos Island Tomato, PI 629218, Black Cherry Tomato are just some of the tomato varieties we offer. We soon plan to offer tomato starts in spring to many of these varieties once we can expand our greenhouses and gardens.

Texas Wild Cherry Tomato (2).JPG
Cuatomate Tomato (3).JPG
Ribeosdes Wild Tomato (4).JPG
Kruisbestomaat Solanum Spontaneum
Rosy Finch Micro Dwarf Tomato (5).JPG
Hundreds and Thousands Tomato (10).JPG
Dwarf Moliagul Moon Tomato (3).JPG
Dwarf Egypt Yellow Tomato (10).JPG
Dark Orange Muscat Tomato (12).JPG
КЛЮКВА В САХАРЕ - Cranberries in Sugar True form (5).JPG
Chilitomat Tomato (2).JPG
Gardener's Sweetheart Tomato (16)_edited.jpg
Cape Teaser Tomato (5).JPG
Winner Tomato (3).JPG
Esmeralda Golosina Tomato (5).JPG
Elser Farm's Brown Derby Tomato (8).JPG
Dwarf Confetti Tomato (13)_edited.jpg
ГОРШЕЧНЫЙ КРАСНЫИ superdeterminant Tomato (3).JPG
Dwarf Bendigo Blush Tomato (6).JPG
Criolla Quetzaltepeque Tomato (2).JPG
Siberian Panther Tomato (2).JPG
Solerosso Tomato (3).JPG
Here is the Woolly Blue Wine Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum. This tomato originates from USA and developed by Tom Wagner. The Woolly Blue Wine Tomato is a red/black shoulder woolly tomato that ranges in weight from .75 to 1.25 Oz and range in size from 1 to 1.75 inches round. Plants can get to 6 feet long in really good soil but plants tend to stay around 4.5 feet tall and are very very woolly with a gray blue color. This variety is also disease resistant to early and late blight They have a sweet delicious tomato flavor with a rich smooth after taste and make a great snacking tomato and go great in salads an sauce! Open pollinated, indeterminate, woolly regular leaf, early to mid season, red, paste, fresh eating, paste or sauce, 59 to 100+ days. LOT# 5 TAG# 271-2022
Детский Сладкий сливка Томат (5).JPG
Tommy Toe Tomato (4)_edited.jpg
Cape Grape Tomato 99 Cent(15).JPG
Dwarf Window Roma Tomato (4).JPG
Dwarf Balcony Venus Tomato (5).JPG
Father Frost Tomato (12).JPG
Pendulina Orange Tomato (3).JPG
Red Dwarf Romanian Tomato (3).JPG
Whippersnapper Tomato (4).JPG
Marz Pulcent Tomato (2).JPG
Dwarf Bajaja Tomato (5).JPG
Adelaide Festival Tomato (12).JPG
Southern Palmyra Tomato (4)_edited.jpg
Sungold Select Tomato (4).JPG
Dwarf Shadow Boxing Tomato (5).JPG
Moonlight Mile Variegated Tomato (11).JPG
Shimofuri Variegated Tomato (16).JPG
Ladyfingers Tomato (8).JPG
Furry Bumblebee Tomato (6).JPG
Ei von Phuket Tomato (5).JPG
Cream Sausage Tomato (4).JPG
Green Cocktail Tomato 25 Cents (12).JPG
Peachy Keen Tomato (3).JPG
Woolly Kate Yellow Tomato (5).JPG
Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry Tomato (3).JPG
Favorie de Bretagne Tomato (3).JPG
Zebra Rita Tomato (3).JPG
Basileus Tomato (5).JPG
Couilles De Taureau Tomato (4).JPG
Vesenniye Zamorozky Tomato (7).JPG
Koralik Tomato (5).JPG
Lollipop Tomato (4).JPG
Dwarf Jade Beauty Tomato (6).JPG
Loxton Lad Dwarf Tomato (2).JPG
Medium Yellow Cherry Tomato 25 Cents (5).JPG
Gemma Micro Dwarf Tomato (2).JPG
Lille Lise Micro Dwarf Tomato (3).JPG
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