The French Breakfast Radish is an oblong radish witch sometimes has crunchy round red white roots. French Breakfast radish is known for its vibrant coloring and is also known as Flambeau, Flambo and Les Radis Petit Déjeuner. Radishes can be useful as companion plants for many other crops, probably because their pungent odor deters such insect pests as aphids. This is a great starter vegetable for new gardeners. Open pollinated, 40 days. Click HERE for more info.


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Radishes are good to grow for all gardeners. They are a good source of fiber and are needed in our daily lives and are sometimes hard to find fresh in the supermarket! So growing Radish is a wise move when you cant buy them in the store. offers you a good variety of Radishes to choose from. Daikon Radish, Watermelon Radish, French Breakfast Radish, Pink Radish, Malaga Violet, White Hailstone Radish, Zlata Radish, Cherry Belle, Daikon White Radish, White Icicle Radish, Round Black Radish, Chinese Rose, Horseradish, Early Scarlet Globe Radish, Helios Radish, Easter Egg Radish, Lady Slipper, Long Scarlet Radish, Long Black Spanish Radish, Cherriette Radish, Plum Purple Radish, Malaga Radish , Perfecto Radish, Philadelphia White Box Radish, Pink Beauty Radish, Red Emperor Hybrid Radish, Sakurajima Mammoth Radish, Saxa 2 Radish, Sichuan Red Beauty Radish, Singara Rat’s Tail Radish, Sparkler Radish , Summer Cross Hybrid Radish, White Beauty Radish, White Globe Hailstone Radish, Zlata Radish, French Dressing Radish , German Giant Radish, Giant of Sicily Radish, Green Meat Radish are just some of the Radishes we will offer from time to time. We soon plan to offer plant starts in spring to many of these varieties once we can expand our greenhouses and gardens.

Daikon Radish
Cherry Belle Radish
French Breakfast Radish