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HRSeeds update and news


Get the lates news and updates about Anytime we make changes to HRSeeds it will be posted here. We will also post any major news we feel will impact the growing season for the USA. 


9/22/2023 - We are glad to announce the images has been restore! If you find some problems with images still contact us an let us know....




9/12/2023 - is experience problems with images not showing up or broken. We are working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible! All products are still available and can be ordered and added to cart. There is a major glitch with the store and some recent google updates. We do not have a set time when this will be resolved but in the meantime you can do a google search on google images where you can see the images from of that product. Thank you for your understanding and we will post an UPDATE here once the problem is resolved. You can also leave comments below.



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