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Third Party Purchases

Here at, We offer our commercial customers premium services that we don't offer to the general public. One of these services are Third Party Purchases. TPP are when we act as your purchasing agent to order seed from another company on your behalf. We also act as your liaison keeping your identity sealed from the transaction. Once we receive your ordered products, we re-pack it with our info and ship it off to you! In general these orders are very large and our fee is 20% of the total cost of goods plus shipping and taxes. for international orders, a payment processing fee is also added to the totals.

Good news! We are now offering this service to the general public for large and small orders alike! This is how it works:

  • First send us your order from the other seed company (We only purchase seed from USA seed companies do to shipping delays).

  • Then we send you a quote/invoice with a payment button.

  • Once the invoice is paid, we order your product and wait for it to arrive.

  • Once your order arrives, we then re-pack it and ship it off to you. and that's it!


So your probably asking "Why would anyone want this type of service?" and the answer is, for many reasons. Larger seed companies don't want to be seen making these purchases and prefer to outsource this service to a third party. There are sometimes legal issues as to why someone would want this service where they cant make the purchase themselves. Also international customers who cant purchase from the USA because of restrictions. There are many reasons why this service is needed.

We can not just give this service a flat fee and were done. These kind of transactions can be quite complicated and need to be priced from order to order. If you are interested in this kind of service, don't hesitate to contact us with your order. Quotes are free and sent via email. If you don't want to complete the transaction then simply do not pay the invoice and you wont be charged! Once invoices are paid, the transaction can not be canceled and your purchase order will commence.

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