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Melons and water melon are good to grow for all gardeners. They are great to eat on a hot day and well needed in our daily lives and are sometimes expensive in the supermarket! So growing melons is a wise move when you are crunching the budget. offers you a good variety of melons to choose from. Crane Melon, Tigger Melon, Cream Saskatchewan Watermelon, Golden Midget Watermelon, vine peach Cantaloupe, Seedless Watermelons, Picnic Watermelons, Icebox Watermelon, Black Diamond Watermelons, Amarillo Watermelons, Crimson Sweet Watermelons, Estrella Watermelons, Harvest Moon Watermelons, Jamboree Watermelons, Jubilee Watermelons, Kingman Watermelons, Melody Watermelons, Moon and Stars watermelon, Sangria Watermelons, Sugar Baby Watermelons, Garden Baby water melon, Sweet Polly Watermelon, Traveler Watermelon, Ananas  melon, Apollo melon, Autumn Sweet Melon, Bailan Melon, Banana Melon, Bitter Melon, Canary Melon, Camouflage Melon, Cantaloupe melon, Casaba Melons, Casabanana melon,Charentais Melon, Crane Melon, Crenshaw Melon, Cucamelon melon, Galia Melons, Gac Melon, Golden Langkawi Melon, Golden Prize Melon, Hami Melon, Honey Globe Melon, Honeydew Melon, Horned Melon, Jade Dew Melon, Kantola Melon, Korean Melon, Maroon Cucumber melon, New Century Melon, Santa Claus Melon, Select Rocket Melon, Sky Rocket Melon, Sprite Melon, Sugar Melon, Ten Me Melon, Valencia Melon are just some of the grains we will offer from time to time. We soon plan to offer plant starts in spring to many of these varieties once we can expand our greenhouses and gardens.

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