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Return & Refund Policy

We do not accept returns on live plants, cuttings or seed items. But we will replace these items if damaged by us during packing. Shipping will be an extra cost for replacements and all sales are final. All orders returned to us within 15 days from the time you received delivery are entitled to a refund or store credit, and may be subject to a 35% restocking fee depending on the order. They must be returned in unopened, sealed condition. We will not replace or refund items if items were damaged during and by the shipping carrier, by customer, or any other means. All orders being returned to us must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#). This number can be attained by Contacting us and or by email. No returns are accepted from previous sales season. Refunds will NOT be issued if items returned were tampered with in any way. All items must be complete and intact exactly the same way you received them. We do NOT resell returned live plants, cuttings or seed items. They are basically thrown in the garbage when we receive them and the claim is closed. If items are damaged or lost by and from the shipping carrier, you need to make a claim with the shipping carrier. We only guaranty we shipped you a good working product with a tracking number. Proof of claim (images of the seed packs and packing slip with order number showing) will be needed in order to review the claim. Please provide your order number when contacting us. As a quality control procedure, we take an image of all orders with the seed packs and packing slips before packing and shipping the order. This QC procedure is applied to all stores: HRSeeds, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza and others.


  • No returns or refunds will be given to international orders.

  • All PayPal processing fees, credit card processing fees and shipping & handling fees are non refundable.


  • Prices are effective through January 1, 2024 and are subject to change without notice.

  • CANCELLATIONS - As of 2024 all cancellations and refunds, (regardless by us or the customers) will have a cancellation fee applied. It will be $3.00 per $100. This is a result of our merchant account will not refund us the processing fees! Also credit card disputes resulting in a back charge regardless of the amount of your order will carry a $15 back charge fee! This is also a result of our merchant charging us a back charge fee of $15. Shipping fees are not refundable after tracking number has been provided. We can not get our money back once we pay for the shipping label.

  • Cancellations after a cash or money order payment has been received will not be refunded, Your order will be shipped. Please be sure of your purchase order. Items are shipped as soon as we receive cash payments. Feel free to contact us prior to sending any money if your unsure of anything with your purchase. Always use tracking when sending cash or M.O. as we are not responsible weather we receive your payment or not.

  • Promotional offers and coupons are NOT redeemable for cash or store credit. They can only be applied upon check out.

  • Gift Cards are NOT redeemable for cash and act as a store credit. Be sure to use the Gift Card before expiration date. They are non refundable and can only be used once. We do not issue credit on any unused portion of the gift card. It is Recommended that the entire card be used on your order.

  • Seeds germination claims: No refunds will be issued for claims stating seeds are not germinating. If a claim is made that seeds did not germinate.

  • No refunds will be issued on CO-OP gardening agreements after 3 days from the time the  payment has been made. You do have a right to sell your option but we need to be contacted first by you and the buyer of the option before we make any changes.

  • No refunds are issued for T-shits and apparel offered on Teespring. You need to deal with Teespring for those matters.

  • Commercial bulk orders and drop shipped orders are non refundable. All sales are final.

  • RETURN TO SENDER RETURNS When orders are returned to us for reasons outside of our control like wrong shipping addresses, they will be handled like this:

       1.) We receive your returned order.

       2.) We contact you letting you know your order was returned.

       3.) You have a choice to have us reship your order or have us discard your order.

       4.) If you choose to have us reship your order, we will then invoice you for shipping charges.

       5.) Pay shipping charge invoice and your order goes out to new address with tracking.

       If your order gets returned again because the address is wrong again, we will discard the order             and put your account on hold and you will not be able to make future purchases on                      !!PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT AT                                 CHECKOUT!!

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