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Tomatoes are a must grow for all gardeners. They add zest to our daily lives and are some of the most expensive vegetables in the supermarket! So growing tomatoes is a wise move when you are crunching the budget. offers you a wide variety of tomatoes to choose from. Everglades tomato, Golden Currant Tomato, Pineapple Tomato, PI 647528, PI 645319, San Marzano Tomato, Roma Tomato, Beefsteak Tomato, Totem Tomato, Tiny Tim Tomato, NC 84173, San Marzano, Husky Cherry Red tomato, Box Car Willie Tomato, Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Sainte Colombe Tomato, Rutgers tomato, Blue Bayou Tomato, Green Zebra Tomato, White Tomesol Tomato, Big Rainbow Tomato, Cocktail Tomato, Santa Maria Tomato, Solanum peruvianum, Spoon Tomato, Gezahnte Tomato, Wild pink cherry tomato, Solanum humboldtii, Galapagos Island Tomato, PI 629218, Black Cherry Tomato are just some of the tomato varieties we offer. We soon plan to offer tomato starts in spring to many of these varieties once we can expand our greenhouses and gardens.

Evil Olive Tomato (2).JPG
Pink Oxheart Tomato (5).JPG
Wine Jug Tomato (15).JPG
Gartenperle Tomato (8).JPG
Bobcat Tomato (4).JPG
Heinz 2653 Tomato (19).JPG
Minibel Tomato (5).JPG
Moravsky Div Tomato (21).JPG
Pinky Blast Tomato (14).JPG
Dark Galaxy Tomato (2)_edited.jpg
Vilma Tomato (5).JPG
Monetka Tomato (5).JPG
Küstengold Tomato (2).JPG
Painted Lady Tomato (3).JPG
Utyonok (Утёнок) Tomato (2).JPG
Black Sea Man Tomato (4).JPG
Pink Cocktail Tomato (3).JPG
Elberta Peach Tomato (16).JPG
Dwarf Wild Fred Tomato (13).JPG
Napa Rose Tomato (3).JPG
Sleeping Lady tomato (13).JPG
Aztek Tomato (2).JPG
Delta Diver Yellow Tomato (6).JPG
Cherokee Tiger Large Tomato (2).JPG
Dwarf Mary's Cherry Tomato (10).JPG
Mallee Rose​ Tomato (6)_edited.jpg
Dwarf Mahogany Tomato (12).JPG
Heinz 1350 Tomato (1).JPG
Vnuchenka Внученька Tomato (6).JPG
Sweet Splash Electra Dwarf Tomato (40).JPG
Piennolo del Vesuvio Tomato (7).JPG
Spud Viper Tomato (2).JPG
Spud Viper Tomato (2).JPG
Queen Ann Tomato (4).JPG
Atkinson Tomato (2).JPG
Pomodorini di Sardegna Tomato (5).JPG
August Tomato (13)_edited.jpg
Amish Paste Tomato (6).JPG
Coyote Tomato (9).JPG
Asterix tomato (5).JPG
Dancing With Smurfs Tomato (5).JPG
Dwarf Bendigo Drop Tomato (5).JPG
Sub Arctic Plenty Tomato (3).JPG
Here is the 2021 Dwarf Invasion Mixed Tomato Seeds. In this offer you will receive 20+ mixed varieties of tomato seeds from our 2021 harvest! This mix is especially high with dwarf and micro dwarf varieties. At the end of the day there thousands of seeds that fall away from the packaging and seed sorting. We gather them up an put them into a bucket. Once seeds get mixed you cant sell them with out knowing exactly what they are. We process over 225 verities of tomatoes a year. We are offering them in this incredible package deal! We do NOT make any claims that you will receive all 225+ seed verities of since we have no way of knowing which are which.
Glossy Rose Tomato (5).JPG
Rosella Tomato (7).JPG
Floradade Tomato (6).JPG
Chariots of Fire Tomato (7).JPG
Small Yellow Plum Tomato (2).JPG
Godsent Tomato (8).JPG
Brad’s Atomic Grape Tomato (1).JPG
Calypso Tomato (3).JPG
Cappuccino Cherry Tomato (2)_edited.jpg
Stripes of Yore Tomato (11).JPG
Painted Pink Tomato (1).JPG
Amethyst Cream Cherry XL Tomato (20).JPG
Persuasion Tomato (8).JPG
Manitoba Tomato (2).JPG
Plate de Chateaurenard Tomato (11)_edited.jpg
Caribe Tomato (12).JPG
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