Welcome to the FAQ section of HRSeeds.com. This is the best place to get your questions answered! We try to answer questions the best way we can but a lot of the time they are the same questions  again an again. So we decided to post these Q&A here to help you get some of your questions answered fast. Most questions and request come in by email, so we decided to add a comment section below so you can ask your questions there and get answers from us or from others that may have knowledge on your question. If we feel your question is a good one that should be answered publicly, we will add it to this FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

YES! As of october 2018 we now ship internationally. Some restrictions do apply look at our shipping details. UPDATE: Read our new policy on international shipping before you place an order! https://www.hrseeds.com/shipping We will ship your order regular mail at your own risk. You must agree with our shipping terms before we ship your order. We will email you and you can respond there. if you dont agree we will refund your order in full.

Do you sell live plants?

At this point we do not sell live plants. We may sell live plants in the future on another web site.

Do you sell seeds that are listed not on hrseeds.com?

YES, if we have them. you can comment below and make a request on reach out to us and make a request. if we have them we will contact you back with pricing

Is their a minimum order amount?

NO! But thier is a minimum order amount when sending a personal check for your order.

I don't see a seed type i'm looking for, can HRSeeds get them for me?

YES! We can out source them for you upon request.

Does HRSeeds offer free shipping?

YES! Any order over $50 in your shopping cart will show up as free shipping. Some times an error may occur, if this happens then enter this code: 23w5er788-50 This code will only work if your cart total is $50 an over.

Does HRSeeds sell anything other then seeds?

At the moment, 2019 we are just selling seeds but we do plan on offering other products. For now we are referring you to Amazon for all your garden needs.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Orders are processed and shipped within 1 to 3 days from the time the order was placed. Most of the time orders are processed the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 noon EST will be processed the following business day. We do not process orders on weekends and holidays, they will be processed on the next business day.

Not trying to be cheap or anything LoL but do you guys ever give away free seeds?

Good question and the answer is YES!! We do FREE seeds giveaways from time to time like this one https://www.hrseeds.com/free-seed-giveaway but we do include free seeds with most orders that are around $15 or more.

We are a larger food processing company and want to buy large amounts of seed for our jelly's and jams and other products we make using pepper seeds. Can we get a discount and can we create a commercial account?

The answer is YES! We on our end would create an offsite commercial account specifically for your company and would get product at a commercial rate. of course you would have to verify your business and provide all applicable tax information. Most of this type of product would be outsourced until we can get up to speed in supplying 100% of the product from our farms.

Do you sell fresh peppers and tomatoes?

We were for awhile on HellFirechilis .com but not anymore at this point due to lower demands for this kind of products. Maybe we will try again in the future. you can leave a comment below on site fetures you would like to see in the future.

Can we meet in a public place and buy seed off you directly?

We would rather send you seed with free shipping then meet in a public place! Main reason is the gas alone would be more then the shipping cost for us. When we expand our operation, we will allow costumers to visit our farms and purchase seed there but for now it is online only.

I cant add more then one item to the cart. Everytime i do and go to a new page the cart is empty again? Can you help me out

YES, the problem is you have add blockers and pop blockers on. This website uses cookies in order to remember items in your cart. The cart is also a pop-up so pop-up blockers wont allow the cart to pop up. Please disable all ad blockers and pop-up blockers till your done with your order. Once your done, you can re-enable them and clear your cookies.

Are you open during the Coronavirus? Are there any limits if you are open??

YES!! we are open! However if things change we will post it on our news and update page located under the HOME tab. So far there are no limits on your orders. We are only using USPS as a shipping option at this time. If an item is OUT OF STOCK, it will remain that way till we can source that seed from a vendor.

Do you offer wholesale accounts for retailers?

Yes we do but only for larger bulk orders and we out source these orders unless we can meet that demand with our own inventory. HRSeeds.com acts as a liaison for companies that want to keep their identities hidden from making the purchase them selves for what ever reason. We act as the purchasing agent and receive their order, then reship it to them from our shipping address, the buyer remains completely anonymous. In some cases we can simply just drop-ship directly to them depending on the agreement. We now offer Co-op Gardening where we grow out the vegetables you want and when harvest time comes we ship everything from that garden plot to you. At this time Co-op Gardening is only for peppers. We can also just send the processed seed for the Co-op Gardening option. If your interested in more info and you want to explain your exact circumstances contact us on hrseeds@gmx.com. Hope that helps

I can not get to my profile in the members section? How do i get to my profile??

The members section has some glitches at this time and we are working on getting this fixed. Other members brought this to our attention as well. The members area is a third party app that is provided by the host and we have very little control on things that need to be fixed. In the meantime, if you want to get access to your profile after you log in you have to click on where it says followers or following and it will bring you to your full profile where you can see your wishlist, past purchases, about me page and so on. Once we get this fixed we will update all our members with an email.