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Welcome to the FAQ section of This is the best place to get your questions answered! We try to answer questions the best way we can but a lot of the time they are the same questions  again an again. So we decided to post these Q&A here to help you get some of your questions answered fast. Most questions and request come in by email, so we decided to add a comment section below so you can ask your questions there and get answers from us or from others that may have knowledge on your question. If we feel your question is a good one that should be answered publicly, we will add it to this FAQ.

  • I ordered 10 packs of seeds but you only sent one pack? Where are the other packs of seeds i ordered?
    Any time multiple orders of the same variety is ordered, we combine them into one pack: For example you order 5 pack of yellow tomato seeds of 20 seeds per order you will receive one pack with 100+ seeds in it. See image below. Example 1 Example 1 shows one order of seeds and what the pack looks like. Example 2 Example 2 shows two orders of seeds and what the pack looks like. Please Note: We had to draw in the amounts for this example.... We combine our orders into one pack to keep our operation cost down. This allows us to offer our seeds at the lowest possible cost we can. If for what ever reason you want each order packed separate, You can request it for an additional fee of 25 cents extra per order. you need to contact us and let us know and we will send you an invoice the the extra cost thru PayPal.
  • Do you sell live plants?
    At this point we do not sell live plants. We may sell live plants in the future on another web site.
  • Do you sell seeds that are not listed on
    YES, if we have them. You can Contact Us and make a request and if we have them we will quote them an or invoice you. We also offer our liaison services to Gold and Platinum members who want us to act as their purchasing agent. Click HERE for more info.
  • I don't see a seed type i'm looking for, can HRSeeds get them for me?"
    YES! We can out source them for you upon request. We offer our liaison services to Gold and Platinum members who want us to act as their purchasing agent. Click HERE for more info.
  • Does HRSeeds sell anything other then seeds?
    At the moment, 2019 we are just selling seeds but we do plan on offering other products. For now we are referring you to Amazon for all your garden needs.
  • Are you open during the Coronavirus? Are there any limits if you are open??
    YES!! we are open! Any updates will be posted here.
  • Not trying to be cheap or anything LoL but do you guys ever give away free seeds?
    Good question and the answer is YES!! We do FREE seeds giveaways from time to time but we do include free seeds with most orders that are around $20 or more. We also offer 25 Cent seeds and 99 Cent seeds. We now have a free seeds page HERE. There is no minimum to add free seeds to your cart! PLEASE only one Pack of free per order. If more then one pack is added to the order will reduce it down to one pack.
  • Hello i love your website! i'm not looking to make any purchases at this time but i would like to make a donation if i could can i do that with PayPal?
    Yes you can make a donation through PayPal with this email: Please indicate that it is a donation in the additional notes section. But we now have a donations page where you can make a donation easily. Visit our Donations Page for more details or to make a donation. Thank you in advance for your donation. : )
  • We are a larger food processing company and want to buy large amounts of seed for our jelly's and jams and other products we make using pepper seeds. Can we get a discount and can we create a commercial account?
    The answer is YES! You need to become a V.I.P member to access this service. Click HERE to read more
  • Do you sell fresh peppers and tomatoes?
    NO, We were for awhile on but not anymore at this point due to lower demands for this kind of products. Maybe we will try again in the future. You can leave a comment below on what site features you would like to see in the future.
  • Can we meet in a public place and buy seed off you directly?
    We would rather send you seed with free shipping then meet in a public place! Main reason is the gas alone would be more then the shipping cost for us. When we expand our operation, we will allow costumers to visit our farms and purchase seed there but for now it is online only. We do offer our seeds when we set up a vendor's table at farmers markets or EXPO's and use a P.O.S card reader which makes it fast and easy.
  • Hello what is the best way to contact hrseeds?
    Email is the best way to contact us. You can reach us at: or Please allow us 1 to 3 days to respond as we only check our emails every few days.
  • I am from another country and want to order seeds from the USA. Can you help me with getting seeds from either or another seed supplier from the USA??
    YES we ship internationally. Please read our International shipping terms. We can also out source them for you upon request. We offer our liaison services to Gold and Platinum members who want us to act as their purchasing agent. Click HERE for more info.
  • Hello i placed an order and paid already but i want to add a few items before it ships can i do that?
    Yes and no, As long as we didn't ship your order out we can add items to your order with an additional processing fee. Our merchant account charges us for every transaction, so when we add items to your order and bill you, you will see a small processing fee added. Just give us the item(s) SKU number and quantity and we will draw up an invoice with a pay button and we add those items to your order before it ships.
  • Hey do you guys back order items and ship them out when they come in or what?
    We very rarely back order but the simple answer is NO we do NOT back order.
  • This might sound weird but i want to buy any old seed you might have. Can i buy them?
    In general we do not sell or outdated seed. If you are interested in buying our older seed, contact us with your request and we will see if we can work something out.
  • Can you please help me check out? Your website wont let me check out and my cart is full.
    As we mentioned this many times you need to accept cookies and turn off pop up and AD blockers while you are adding items to your cart. Once you are done and your order is finished, you and clear cookies and turn on your pop up blockers. You may need to close your browser an clear cookies then re-open it with ad blocker disabled and accepting cookies. VPN's also seem to cause problems. All payment processors screen your IP to make sure its you. VPN's interfere with their verification process. So try disabling your VPN and see if that helps. Other reasons your order wont go through maybe listed below: 1) Your account may be blocked or suspended. HRSeeds does block some account from making purchases. Reason like fake or stolen credit card numbers, online shoplifting, Fraud, baiting scams, hacking and many more reasons. 2) NO SHIPPING to your country. There is a small list of countries we are not shipping to. Click HERE to see if your country is on the list. 3) We are not accepting the form of payment you are trying to use. We accept a lot of forms of payments but there are a few we don't accept. PayPal, Master card and Visa is your best bet. 4) On the mobile side sometimes a pop up may actually block your view from your floating cart. Always go to the top where your cart is fixed to view your order. We are working on way to get this fixed. 5) A website BUG. Yes once in a while theirs a BUG in the system that wont let you check out. Try clearing your browser an cookies even restart your PC or phone. If that still don't work Please contact us to get this BUG ASAP. In the mean time we can process your order as described below If you still can't place your order even after all other means were tried, then we will invoice you and you can pay directly from the invoice. Just give us your order by email and we will get an invoice out to you asap usually within 24 hours. We need your info emailed to us like this: Billing: JOE JONES 1089 example rd funny pines, CA, 187463 Shipping Address: Same as above 1 x pepper example 4 x green tomato or email us your order or send us your cart link.
  • I'm having trouble checking out an i would prefer to order by mail, can i send cash or money order with my order in the mail?
    YES you can but its best to check with us first to confirm your order total is correct. Make sure you include the correct shipping amount for orders under $50. Orders over $50 is free shipping. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND putting tracking on any cash payments. We do charge a $3 fee to accept MO and we do NOT accept any form of check.
  • Do you accept cash or money orders?
    4.) We will except cash or Money Orders but you must Contact us first so we can generate an invoice. If you want to leave a message with your order here: ‪(570) 861-6058‬ Make sure you include the shipping cost in your payment. USA orders only. ​ CASH - When sending cash we recommend you use tracking and insurance on all M.O & cash payments before you mail it to us. We are not responsible if your payments getting lost in the mail. You will need to provide a current shipping address where you want your items shipped. Orders will not ship until payments are received. Mail all cash payments to: PO BOX 472 Sugarloaf PA 18249 ​ Money Orders - When sending a MO we recommend you use tracking and insurance on all M.O. payments before you mail it to us. We are not responsible if your payments getting lost in the mail. If you send cash without an invoice, you must include your shipping details (Please print clearly and make sure all the details are correct) the Quantity and items ordered and a email address. Its best to print out your order after check out and include it with your cash payment. Phone numbers are optional. Orders will not ship until payments are received. Mail all MO payments to: PO BOX 472 Sugarloaf PA 18249
  • Is their a minimum order amount?
    YES $2.99 is a minimum before shipping in order to place an order.
  • I cant add more then one item to the cart. Everytime i do and go to a new page the cart is empty again? Can you help me out
    YES, the problem is you have add blockers and pop blockers on. This website uses cookies in order to remember items in your cart. The cart is also a pop-up so pop-up blockers wont allow the cart to pop up. Please disable all ad blockers and pop-up blockers till your done with your order. Once you are done, you can re-enable them and clear your cookies.
    OK Don't panic! lol worse come to worse just give us your order an we will send you an invoice with a pay button. 99.9999 percent of the time its on your end. It could be cookies expire or you have add blockers an pop up blockers. sometimes VPN's can cause problems. try turning all blockers off, then shut your browser down and clear all cookies i recommend Ccleaner. Then open your browser an try again, if it still don't work contact us an well just invoice you. Give us the SKU and the quantity of each item an we will take it from there. also include your full shipping address
  • Do you ship internationally?
    YES! As of October 2018 we now ship internationally. Some restrictions do apply look at our shipping details. UPDATE: Read our new policy on international shipping before you place an order! Click HERE to read our international shipping policy We will ship your order regular mail at your own risk. Or you can order with tracking for an extra fee. You must agree with our shipping terms before we ship your order. We will email you with a tracking number if you selected shipping with tracking. If you choose regular mail with NO tracking, you still get an email when it ships but no tracking number. Please do not contact us asking where you order is if you choose regular mail with no tracking.
  • Does HRSeeds offer free shipping?
    YES! Any order over $50 in your shopping cart will show up as free shipping. We are now offering FREE shipping internationally. FREE Shipping with tracking to Canada on Orders $100 or More FREE Shipping Internationally with tracking on Orders $300 or More
  • Hello do you offer free shipping to Canada?
    YES we do! Orders over $100 USD will ship free with tracking to Canada.
  • What countries do you NOT ship to?
    As of 1/1/2024 these are the countries we do NOT ship to: Afghanistan Cuba South Sudan Belarus Laos Syria Bhutan Libya Timor-Leste Brunei Mongolia Turkmenistan Chad Russia Yemen Guam Mexico Myanmar Singapore Iraq 24 More... However this list changes every day so here is a link to see if your country is on it These service disruptions affect Priority Mail Express International® (PMEI), Priority Mail International® (PMI), First-Class Mail International® (FCMI), First-Class Package International Service® (FCPIS®), International Priority Airmail® (IPA®), International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL®), and M-Bag® items. You can still take the chance and place the order at your own risk and we will ship your order out regardless but that risk is on you not
  • I have a very large order and i want to put insurance on the shipping. Do you offer insurance and how can i apply it to my order?
    UPDATE: As of 2023 we no longer offer shipping insurance on your order. USPS no longer insures Plants, Animals and seeds we can add insurance to your order but you have to contact us first and we will invoice you for the extra cost. Priority mail comes with $200 insurance but we only use for certain items and commercial orders and is already covered by us and included in price.
  • Hi is it possible to ship my order express next day air? i will pay extra if i have to. Thanks Jan
    If you absolutely need this service we can do it for you but its very very expensive. We discontinued it because of the high cost and high demand on our time we just dont have. Just to give you an idea each request is well over $100 and thats for 1 to 500 seed packs.
  • How long does it take to ship my order?
    Orders are processed and shipped within 1 to 3 days from the time the order was placed. Most of the time orders are processed the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 noon EST will be processed the following business day. We do not process orders on weekends and holidays, they will be processed on the next business day.
  • Are memberships free or?
    YES you can just open an account as a guest and cost nothing. We do offer SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and VIP subscriptions with a fee. But the BRONZE subscription is 100% FREE! The difference between the GUEST account and a BRONZE membership is BRONZE members get little extras that guest dont. Paid members get discounts and other perks as well that bronze and guest dont an so on.
  • Do i have to create an account or become a member to place an order?
    The short answer is NO! But we highly recommend you do as your account has a lot of features like wishlist, back in stock request, order history, connect with other members an much much more!
  • I can not get to my profile in the members section? How do i get to my profile??
    The members section has some glitches at this time and we are working on getting this fixed. Other members brought this to our attention as well. The members area is a third party app that is provided by the host and we have very little control on things that need to be fixed. In the meantime, if you want to get access to your profile after you log in you have to click on where it says followers or following and it will bring you to your full profile where you can see your wishlist, past purchases, about me page and so on. Once we get this fixed we will update all our members with an email. UPDATE 2/1/2022 We are proud to announce that the members section is now working correctly. You can now access all aspects of your account as normal. Just go to the top where you see log in and everything you can access is right there!
  • Is there any benefit to becoming a member or creating a account even if i don't place an order?
    YES you can create an account and become a member even if you do NOT place any orders. You can create a guest account and become a member at the same time for FREE with the GUEST and BRONZE memberships. Some of the benefits are: Your wishlist Back in stock request list Load and post images and videos You can share a link to your public account anywhere on the net you want to and share it with others like family an friends. You can follow and chat with other members on HRSeeds Store your orders Add thumbnails and banner images Connect your websites and social media accounts And much much more!
  • Do you offer wholesale accounts for retailers?
    UPDATE 1/15/2022: We are no longer offering commercial wholesale accounts. you can become a member and get special discounts an offers and our purchasing agent services for Gold, Platinum and V.I.P accounts. Click HERE for more info on memberships. Click HERE for more info on our purchasing agent services.
  • What happened to the forum and blog that use to be on this site? wasnt there chat rooms an stuff?
    We did have all those things at one time but we removed them due to lack of use. All those things use band width and it cost money to maintain that extra band width but if its not used then we would rather the monies go back into other parts of the site where needed. If enough people request we bring it back then maybe we will. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN US ADDING FORUMS, BLOGS AND OTHER MEMBERS AREA'S COMMENT BELOW.
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