Color Code

GREEN - 000 SHU - Sweet no heat at all!

Black - UP To 1 MILL SHU - Hot

RED - 1 MILL - 2 MILL SHU - Super hot

BLUE - 2 MILL+ SHU AND UP! - Ultra Hot



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Peppers are a must grow for all gardeners. They add zest to our daily lives and are some of the more expensive vegetables in the supermarket! So growing peppers is a wise move when you are crunching the budget. offers you a wide variety of peppers to choose from. Some of the varieties we offer are: Malagueta Pepper, PI 497984, Pepperoncini Pepper, Elephant's Ear Pepper, Guajillo Pepper, Dwarf Aji Charapita Pepper, Candlelight Mutant Pepper, Yolo Wonder Pepper, HellFire Chili Pepper, Cap 501 Pepper, Tunisian Baklouti Pepper, Filius Blue Pepper, Bolivian Rainbow Pepper, Rocotillo Pepper, Wartryx Pepper, CGN 20800 Pepper, Aleppo Pepper, Pink Tiger Pepper, Pequin Chile Pepper, Aji Amarillo Pepper, Dragon's Breath Pepper, Komodo Dragon Pepper, Capsicum exile, Scoville units, Capsicum rhomboideum Pepper, Piaozinho Pepper, CGN 19198 Pepper, Mojo Blackie Pepper, Sugar Rush Cream Pepper, Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah Pepper, Anaheim Hot Pepper, Serrano Pepper, Aji Charapita Pepper, Tabasco Pepper, Habanero Red Pepper, Japanese Shishito Pepper, Yaki Blue Fawn Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Ancho Chile Pepper, Birds Eye Pepper, Peach Habanero Pepper, Leutschauer Paprika Pepper, Criolla de cocina Pepper, Bulgarian Ratund Pepper, Fish Pepper, 7 Pot Yellow Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion Sweet Pepper, Japones Pepper, Peter Pepper Yellow, Pimiento Sweet Pepper, Hardy Chili Pepper, Fatalii Pepper and many many more! Be sure to check in often as we add more varieties everyday. We soon plan to offer tomato starts in spring to many of these varieties once we can expand our greenhouses and gardens.

cayenne pepper
brown bhutlah pepper
hinkelhatz pepper
7 pot brain stain pepper
bellingrath gardens pepper
Golden Cayenne Pepper, Capsicum annuum
cumari do para pepper
black cobra pepper
devils tongue pepper
Here is the Black Pearl Pepper, aka Black Marbles Capsicum annuum, Scoville units: 15,000+ SHU. A 2006 AAS Winner! This first completely black leafed pepper is a great choice for containers or planting in the garden. Foliage turns from greenish to glossy black with maturity, aided by the sun and heat. Very shiny black fruit matures dark red. Very, very hot! 14 to 24 inches high, spreading 12 to 16 inches with fruits 3/8 inch round and pitch black that turns red. Grow as an ornamental, or in the vegetable garden, or both! Open pollinated 65 days.
aurora pepper
mini yellow stuffing pepper
habanero pepper
whie habanero
fatalii pepper
marconi giant pepper
aji panca pepper aka pasilla bajio
nagalah red pepper
Pablano pepper
Indian Jwala pepper
Datil Pepper
HOT BEADS PEPPER (Small), Capsicum annuum
Here is the Dulce Marron Pepper, Capsicum chinense, Scoville units 3,000+ SHU.  This is a pepper lovers creation. Not much known about it but this is what they had to say; "Very sweet, crunchy, with a hint of earthy Smokey flavor (coffee-like). These pods have very low heat levels and can get sweeter as it ages on the plant. The pods start out dark green, turn to chocolate brown, then dark brown. Very productive variety requires a medium to extended growing season." The plants are highly productive baring fruits in late summer. Open pollinated 80 days. Visit for your garden seeds!
Albanian Red Hot Pepper - Rare Embroidered Pepper
Starfish Orange Pepper
Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes Pepper
Tepin Pepper
Cubanelle Pepper
Large Thick Cayenne
Thai Hot Orange pepper
Yukari Bakan Pepper
Hungarian Black Pepper
Melrose sweet frying Pepper
Beaver Dam Pepper
Rezha Macedonian Pepper
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