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Tomatoes are a must grow for all gardeners. They add zest to our daily lives and are some of the most expensive vegetables in the supermarket! So growing tomatoes is a wise move when you are crunching the budget. offers you a wide variety of tomatoes to choose from. Everglades tomato, Golden Currant Tomato, Pineapple Tomato, PI 647528, PI 645319, San Marzano Tomato, Roma Tomato, Beefsteak Tomato, Totem Tomato, Tiny Tim Tomato, NC 84173, San Marzano, Husky Cherry Red tomato, Box Car Willie Tomato, Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Sainte Colombe Tomato, Rutgers tomato, Blue Bayou Tomato, Green Zebra Tomato, White Tomesol Tomato, Big Rainbow Tomato, Cocktail Tomato, Santa Maria Tomato, Solanum peruvianum, Spoon Tomato, Gezahnte Tomato, Wild pink cherry tomato, Solanum humboldtii, Galapagos Island Tomato, PI 629218, Black Cherry Tomato are just some of the tomato varieties we offer. We soon plan to offer tomato starts in spring to many of these varieties once we can expand our greenhouses and gardens.

Gemma Micro Dwarf Tomato (3).JPG
Hardin's Miniature Micro Dwarf Tomato (8).JPG
Christmas Tree - Томат Рождественская Ёлка (4).JPG
Original Micro Tom Tomato (4).JPG
Yellow Canary Micro Dwarf Tomato (5).JPG
Laura #5 Micro Dwarf Tomato (3).JPG
СИНИЧКА Micro Dwarf Tomato (5).JPG
Gold Pearl Micro Dwarf Tomato (3).JPG
Plumbrella Red Micro Dwarf Tomato (4).JPG
Plumbrella Yellow Micro Dwarf Tomato (3).JPG
Nina Neutron Micro Dwarf Tomato (5).JPG
Fantome du Laos Tomato (2).JPG
Delice de Neuilly Micro Dwarf Tomato (14).JPG
Chibikko Micro Dwarf Tomato (3).JPG
Micro-Gold' Micro Dwarf Tomato (3).JPG
Tiny Totem Micro Dwarf Tomato.JPG
Lil' Peeps Micro Dwarf Tomato (4).JPG
Tiny Totem Tomato (2).JPG
Mavritanskite Tomato (3).JPG
Heirloom Reviews Hairy Currant Tomato (19).JPG
Mandurang Moon Tomato (4).JPG
Cannibals Tomato - Solanum uporo (12).JPG
Dwarf Purple Reign Tomato (3)_edited.jpg
Scheherazade Woolly Tomato (16).JPG
Dwarf Velvet Night Tomato (10).JPG
Galapagos Minor Cherry Tomato (15).JPG
Napa Chardonnay Tomato (2)_edited.jpg
Rapunzel Tomato (3).JPG
1884 Tomato (3).JPG
Blaue Kasachstan Tomato (5).JPG
Piroka Tomato (11).JPG
Petrillo Tomato (2).JPG
Big Orange Volunteer Tomato (6).JPG
Cherry Brownies Tomato (2).JPG
Розовый фламинго полосатый, Pink Flamingo Striped Tomato (10).JPG
Columbianum Wildform Tomato CGN 14461 (3).JPG
Quadro Tomato (5).JPG
Soldacki Tomato (11)_edited.jpg
Heinz H9129 Tomato (4).JPG
Florida 47 Tomato (2).JPG
Hawaiian Currant Tomato (2)_edited.jpg
Bedouin Tomato (6).JPG
Bakir Tomato (2).JPG
Berkeley Pink Tie-Dye Tomato new 3.jpg
Indigo Pear Drop Tomato (6)_edited.jpg
Berkley Tie Dye Heart Tomato (6).JPG
Astrakhanskie Tomato (11).JPG
Grappoli d’Inverno Tomato (2).JPG
Vorlon Tomato (6).JPG
Little Lucky Tomato (7).JPG
Pachino Tomato (9).JPG
Plate De Haiti Tomato (2).JPG
Fruit Punch Tomato (3)_edited.jpg
Chiapas Wild Tomato (4).JPG
Miel du Mexique Tomato (5).JPG
Sweet Orange 2 Tomato (4).JPG
Kolb Tomato (4).JPG
Cherevichki Tomato (7).JPG
Teton de venus Tomato (7).JPG
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