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1.) We are accepting payments through all major Credit Cards. RECOMMENDED


2.) We are now accepting payments through Gpay  OPTIONAL

3.) We are accepting payments through PayPal. RECOMMENDED

4.) We are now accepting Apple Pay! OPTIONAL


5.) We will except cash or Money Orders but you must Contact us first so we can generate an invoice. USA orders only.

  • CASH - When sending cash we recommend you use tracking and insurance on all M.O & cash payments before you mail it to us. We are not responsible if your payments getting lost in the mail. You will need to provide a current shipping address where you want your items shipped. Orders will not ship until payments are received. Mail all cash payments to: PO BOX 472 Sugarloaf PA 18249

  • Money Orders - When sending a MO we recommend you use tracking and insurance on all M.O. payments before you mail it to us. We are not responsible if your payments getting lost in the mail. If you send a MO without an invoice, you must include your shipping details (Please print clearly and make sure all the details are correct) the Quantity and items ordered and a email address. Its best to print out your order after check out and include it with your MO payment. Phone numbers are optional. Orders will not ship until payments are received. Mail all MO payments to: PO BOX 472 Sugarloaf PA 18249

  • Checks - We are no longer accepting checks at this time.


6.) We do not except wire transfers at this time.


7.) Go to our Returns & Refunds page for more information on refunds. All sales are final.


8.) We will except cryptocurrency thru BitPay in the near future but not at this time.


9.) All purchases must be made in $USD. We do NOT except any other currency!


10.) Special offers and promotions can only be applied on orders at check out. They can NOT be used for store credit or be redeemed for cash.


11.) Discontinued - Gift Cards act as a store credit and have an expiration date. Please be sure to use them before they expire. See our Gift Card page for more details.

12.) We do NOT trade or barter seeds or plants in most cases. But, If you are from outside the USA an have very rare seeds you would like to trade, please contact us!


13.) We do NOT offer COD or local pickup. We are an online store only!


14.) All large bulk an commercial orders must contact us first for proper pricing, discounts and shipping & handling details as well as availability of products.


15.) Discontinued - For large commercial purchase order request, a quote needs to be given with shipping times an details. Payments will need to be paid in full an cleared before we out source your purchase order requisition. Refunds will NOT be given once your requisition has been made and fulfilled by us. It will be either dropped shipped third party or we will receive your order then ship it to you. 


16.) BACK ORDERS - HRSeeds will only back order for no more then 7 days if we know we have product coming in that is in your purchase order. In general we do not back order. If its not in stock it will not show up in your cart. In some cases where multiple orders are made for an item at the same time, depleting our inventory of that item, it may not show up as "out of stock" an may be added to your cart. This is the only time we back order. If the back order looks like it will be more then 7 days we will refund your money on that item. We do not ship out partial orders when on back order. Once back ordered items comes in, we ship the whole order immediately an send an email confirmation.

17.) If you have a problem at check out, CONTACT US and let us know you are having a problem. We will do everything in our power to correct it. If it can't be corrected or the problem is not on our end you can always visit us on eBay. Just type in HRSeeds and we should show up in you search query.

18.) Point Of Sale (POS) We do accept POS only when we have product with us and we have our reader to swipe cards. Any time we are at events, shows, EXPO's Etc... We will have product an can make a POS sale.

19.) Donations - If you would like to make a donation to help expand our mission and increase our inventory, you can now make a donation on the donations page.

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