Welcome to HRSeeds.com This web site focuses on growing many verities of heirloom seeds an preserving the heirlooms. We only sell seeds from plants we grow but we do out source seed for our commercial customers. For years we have been asked if we could sell our seeds an we just gave them away but in recent years the request to purchase seeds has increased dramatically! "The number one question I'm asked is can we buy seeds from you? I hated to say no so i would send them out. But now a days it's a daily thing!".


  We grow our heirloom seeds out to their full potential an regrow them every year to climatize them! Wintering over pepper plants is one of the things HRSeeds focuses on! We have had pepper plants as old as 6 years old but lost them due to bad weather, PERMACULTURE is our motto.


  We also provide other Products like; tree cuttings, plants, aquatic plants, cover crop seed, garden supplies and more. During the slow months like in winter when gardening is slow JOHN makes garden videos on YouTube to fill in the gaps so join us there as well.


  Research is one of the the main reasons why HR began creating video's! New developments happen by trial an error and we share those results hear. We cover everything from seed, live stream, google hangouts, fish tanks, gardening, plants, landscaping, gardenia, tomato, vegetables, pepper, pepper plant, pet, cat, animals, the moon, weather, tree,plants, sky, nature, wildlife, gardens, education and the results! "So come join us here an help make this a better channel an let us grow together"

   Here at HRSeeds we either have the seed or we refer you to an Amazon link to where you can purchase them! If you are looking for any kind of seed, just contact us an we will do some research an source them for you!


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