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Capsicum praetermissum

Capsicum praetermissum is closely related to C. baccatum, with purple flowers and small, upright peppers most likely originating from South America and is native to South Western Brazil. The full botanical name is Capsicum baccatum var. praetermissum. Pods are very small, less than 10 mm mostly (3/8 in). It is sensitive to frost and shrubs can grow bigger than 6 feet. In nature they are spread by birds (also known as "pimenta de passarinho", which means bird's chile). This page will have most of the Capsicum Praetermissum species we offer on There will be varieties on this page that won't be anywhere else on this site. When you see (HR) then it's one of ours! If you don't see what you're looking for, try a site search or check our PEPPER & TOMATO SEED LIST page.

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