RARE!! Here is the Chmielewsky's Wild Tomato Lycopersicon chmielewskii, new for 2019. This wild tomato is native to the valleys of southern Peru to northern Bolivia. The base of the stem can become very woody and be treated like a perennial! This Indeterminate, regular leaf, perennial tomato plant produces 1/2" sized, light green with tinges of purple type tomatoes that have a peach fuzz skin and can be a heavy producing variety. They do have a distinct aroma that does not smell like a regular tomato plant. We found this variety to be resistant to most diseases. The fruits are edible and delicious BUT may have a toxicity so grow it as an ornamental till further research is done. This variety is a long season type with fruits ripening into late September or October. Seeds are tiny an need some attention when starting, open pollinated 120 days.

Chmielewsky's Wild Tomato

SKU: 7523-10
  • 10 seeds

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