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Slicer Tomatoes

Slicer Tomatoes is a nomenclature assigned to certain tomatoes that are great for slicing! These tomatoes are usually selected specifically for slicing for hamburgers and sandwich's. Most tomatoes in supermarkets are slicer tomatoes. They are heat and cold tolerant and are either determinate or indeterminate. The most famous of these is the Box Car Willie and the Big Boy tomato. This page will have most of the red tomato varieties we offer on However we are not perfect and may have missed adding some on this page so be sure to do a search on the website. There will be varieties on this page that won't be anywhere else on this site and Vice versa. when you see (HR) then it's one of ours! If you don't see what you're looking for, try a site search or check our PEPPER & TOMATO SEED LIST page.

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