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Here is the Carolina Horse Nettle, Solanum carolinense. This wild tomato like plant originates from southeastern USA. The plant is invasive in parts of Europe, Asia, and Australia. It is also known as radical weed, sand brier or briar, bull nettle, tread-softly, Solanum mammosum ("apple of Sodom"), devil's tomato and wild tomato. The flowers have five petals and are usually white or purple with yellow centers, though there is a blue variant that resembles the tomato flower. The fruits are berries that resemble tomatoes with thorny calyx. The plant grows to 3 feet tall, is perennial, and spreads by both seeds and underground rhizome. Stems of older plants are woody. All parts of the plant, including its tomato-like fruit, contain toxins in varying degrees due to the presence of solanine glycoalkaloids which is a toxic alkaloid and one of the plant's natural defenses.The fully ripened fruits will have a light green color to them and 6 to 10 fruits per bract. Seeds are limited. Open pollinated, perennial, wild, horse leaf, late season, green color, 77 to 120+ days. LOT# 1 TAG#  216-2023

Carolina Horse Nettle, Solanum carolinense

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