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Here is the Black Square Bell Pepper, Capsicum annuum, Scoville units: 000 SHU. The Black Square Bell Pepper origins are unknown. This black bell pepper variety has a medium wall type an fruits get to 3+ inch long and turns from black to red/black skin when fully ripe. Plants can get to 16+ inches tall but often times they stay around 12 inches tall. Pods are sweet with no heat. These go great in salads, rice & beans and salsa! We found this to be a very productive variety and easy to grow in northern climates. Usually fruits first year but sometimes it don't so you need to over winter. Plants can live for many years in pots and tend to stay around 8 inches tall and ornate. A must grow for any collector! Open pollinated, mid-late season, black, perennial, easy to medium grow, 68 to 100+ days to overwinter for many years. LOT# 4 SEC 3B TAG# 58-2022

Black Square Bell Pepper

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    10 seeds