chilhuacle negro pepper
chilhuacle negro pepper
chilhuacle negro pepper

Chilhuacle Negro Pepper

Capsicum annuum

Here is the Chilhuacle Negro Pepper, Capsicum annuum. The Chilhuacle Negro Pepper originates form Oaxaca, Mexico and grows only in the Cañada valley in Oaxaca. It is used throughout central America. The existence of this pepper is in danger of disappearing from the market place high production cost and lower production rates. It is used to make MOLE in Mexico. When dried, this pepper has a strong aroma of cocoa! Pods dry on the plants easy and made into a powder. pods can get to 3.5" and about a dozen peppers per plant but may produce more under the right conditions. You can Grow it as an ornamental, or in the vegetable garden, or both!

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5 seeds

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