Bleeding Borg 9 pepper

Capiscum chinense

Here is the Bleeding Borg 9 pepper, Capiscum chinense, Scoville units - 1,000,000+ shu. This pepper originated from the UK and was created by Jon Harper. It is a cross between the Naglah and Bubblegum 7 pod and named after the famous actor Ernest Borgnine. Pods are around 2 inches long and can have a wide range of heat. Plants can produce over 100 fruits in a season. Flavor is quite strange with a bit of tanginess but with an authentic taste. The pepper seeds are few per pod so seeds are limited. Open Pollinated 95 days. Click HERE to watch the review.

Bleeding Borg 9 pepper
Bleeding Borg 9 pepper
Bleeding Borg 9 pepper
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5 seeds


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Click below to watch video review on this Pepper
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