7 Pot Yellow Pepper
7 Pot Yellow Pepper
7 Pot Yellow Pepper

7 Pot Yellow Pepper

Capsicum chinense

Here is the 7 Pot Yellow Pepper, Capsicum chinense, scoville units - - 800,000 ~ 1,000,000 shu. The 7 Pot Pepper AKA 7 pod originates from the nation of Trinidad. It is one of the world's hottest peppers and a landrace variety of Trinidad. The name was given because one pepper is claimed to be hot enough to flavor seven pots of stew! Multiple strains of the 7 Pot have surfaced over recent years. There is some variation in appearance, shape and size due to genetic instability of many Trinidadian super hots. The most prominent features of many strains of the 7 Pot pepper are the pimpled exterior and blistering heat. Generally, heat  seems to escalate when comparing lighter colored (white/yellow) 7 Pot strains to red and  brown ones. Click HERE for more info. Click HERE to watch the review.

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10 seeds


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