Madame Jeanette Yellow Pepper AKA SURINAM YELLOW
Madame Jeanette Yellow Pepper AKA SURINAM YELLOW
Madame Jeanette Yellow Pepper AKA SURINAM YELLOW


10 seeds


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Madame Jeanette Yellow Pepper

Capsicum chinense

Here is the Madame Jeanette Yellow Pepper aka Surinam Yellow pepper, Capsicum chinense, scoville units - 100,000 - 350,000, It was named after a famous Brazilian prostitute, the Madame Jeanette has the shape of a elongated habanero pepper, with the same intensity heat of a habanero. Their is a variety that turns red when ripe but this listing is for the yellow variety. The peppers mature to a bright yellow and Its flavor is described as "fruity", with hints of mango and pineapple. It is often confused with the yellow Adjuma, which is less elongated and said to be more spicy but less flavorful. Madame Jeanette is used in almost all facets of Surinamese cuisine. The plant is very prolific. It has a relatively compact growth and dislikes cooler weather. It will also grow indoors. The Madame Jeanette is from Suriname in South America, and they are also called Surinam Yellow, depending on their color. Open pollinated 75 days Click HERE for more info. Click HERE to watch other reviews

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