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Fish Pepper

Capsicum annuum

Here is the Fish Pepper, Capsicum annuum, scoville units 10,000 Originating in the Caribbean, all the fish pepper seeds in existence today originated from seeds that were obtained in the 1940s from a black folk painter in West Chester, Pennsylvania, named Horace Pippin. This beautiful and useful hot pepper with eye-catching variegated foliage is about 3" and ripens from cream to orange, brown, and finally red. The flavor is moderately hot and this variety was once common in the crab houses of the East coast during the 19th century. We offer 2 types of  this pepper. The Fish Red Pepper is a red variant that often comes out of fish peppers. Open pollinated. 80 days. Click HERE for more info.

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(Regular) Fish Pepper ⟹

Fish Pepper, Capsicum annuum
Fish Pepper, Capsicum annuum
fish pepper (14).JPG


10 seeds


Fish Red Pepper ⟹


10 seeds

fish red.JPG
fish red pepper (4).JPG
fish red pepper (8).JPG


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