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Here is the Solanum maritimum, Solanum maritimum Meyen ex Nees. This wild plant originates from Northern Chile. It is also known as Esparto. The flowers have five petals and are purple with yellow centers, though there is a blue variant that resembles the tomato flower. The fruits are berries that resemble tomatoes and toxicity is unknown and we do not recommend eating it. The plant grows to 3 feet tall, is perennial, and spreads by both seeds and underground rhizome, Hardiness Zone 10 and 11 but will grow fine in pots and brought in for winter. Stems of older plants are woody. All parts of the plant, including its tomato-like fruit, may contain toxins in varying degrees. The fully ripened fruits will have a light orange color to them and 2 to 5 fruits per bract. Seeds are limited. Germination is sporadic and random and can sprout months later. Open pollinated, perennial, wild, fern leaf, late season, orange color, 97 to 120+ days. LOT# 4 TAG#  202-2023

Solanum maritimum

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