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Madaya Pepper
Madaya Pepper
Madaya Pepper
Madaya Pepper

Madaya Pepper

Capsicum annuum

Here is the Madaya Pepper, Capsicum annuum, Scoville units: 000 SHU. This pepper originates from the village of Madaya (مضايا) in Syria and grows high in the mountains about 4,000 foot altitude. This pepper variety is very rare and almost extinct due to war in that region. Fruits have a good, mild lightly sweet flavor and pretty thick walls. They tend to make a few different types of fruit shapes but in general they are a horn type that get6 to 6 to 8 inches long and deep red color when ripe. Plants tend to stay around 30 inches tall but can get a little over 3 feet tall with compact, well-yielding plants. Open pollinated, 85 days.

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10 seeds


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