Here is the Dorset Naga Pepper, Capsicum chinense,  Scoville units: 544,000 ~ 1,221,000+ SHU. This subspecies is a very controversial pepper that originates from the Dorset coast of England and was created by Joy and Michael Michaud of Sea Spring Seeds. The problem is that its not a cross at all! It is a  Naga Morich that only the hottest pods were selected for many years resulting in a steady high heat holding subspecies which some people say is not a new variety but simply a Naga Morich while others like HR say it is much hotter then the standard Bhut or Naga. However we at HRSeeds find this variety to be exceptionally hot way above the standard Naga. Peppers get to almost 3 inches long and turn bright red. Plants get to around 3 feet tall and relatively compact and a really good producer. Open pollinated 80 days from transplant.

Dorset Naga Pepper

SKU: 8221-5
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