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Here is the Stowell's Evergreen Corn, Zea mays. This variety of white corn goes way back to the early to mid 1800's and was developed by Nathan Stowell of NJ. Ears are sweet and get to 9 inches long with 8 to 10 foot tall stalks. This variety of corn is very demanding on the soil so make sure to ad a lot of compost. They also need full sun for fast stalk and cob development. Open pollinated 85 to 100 days depending on location.

Stowell's Evergreen Corn

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    For early plantings, sow seeds only 1 inch deep; in the hot weather of midsummer, plant them up to 2 inches deep. The average germination rate for sweet corn is about 75 percent, so plant three seeds together every 7 to 15 inches. They should germinate in 7 to 10 days. Thin to one plant every 15 inches. Oaxacan Green Dent corn should be picked when the outer husks have dried and become a dull shade of yellow. The husked ears need to be further dried for a period of 2 to 3 weeks before the kernels become loose and are easily removed from the cob. Once ground, the green cornmeal may be used just like traditional yellow cornmeal, but it offers a unique slightly herbaceous quality.

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