Here is the Rooted Hamburg Parsley, Petroselinum crispum var. tuberosum. This biennial goes way back in history before the 1600's and is referred to as "Hamburg" or "Hamburg Parsnip". It is grown for its root and not really for it's leaves though the leaves can be used the same as regular parsley while the root taste like parsnip. The tuber or root and vary in shape and size depending on the soil its grown in, They can be long like a carrot or almost ball shaped like a turnip. We found this variety to do well in colder months and taste great in spring! We also use them in soups and stews and some say you can make a mash potato type dish with it. Please keep in mind that this plant can become invasive if left to seed so be sure to harvest in the first year of growth. Open pollinated 90 days.

Rooted Hamburg Parsley

SKU: 6101-100
  • 100 seeds
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