Here is the Red Noodle Yard Long Bean, Vigna sesquipedalis. This bean grows 3 feet long and has a nice pink red color! It is called Red Noodle Yard Long Bean because it looks like a noodle and is quite long. This bean is not the kind of bean you can eat raw but some say you can. The beans develop fast as it grows in length for a bean this size! They are good producers and are very hardy plants. This variety is best grown buy its self and not with other beans as they need all the sunlight they can get. Vines can get to over 20 feet long and love to climb fences. They make a great drying bean and go good in soups! Open pollinated 65 days.

Red Noodle Yard Long Bean

SKU: 9702-15
  • 15 Bean Seeds

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