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Here is the Purple Ghost Pepper, Capsicum chinense, Scoville Units: 1,000,000+ SHU. This is the true variation of the purple ghost pepper. There are a lot of sites selling something that resembles more of a Habanero rather then a Bhut. we sourced our seeds from Mojo Peppers when they were still around. This is a Bhut Jolokia that is purple when it is in it's unripe stage but when it ripens it turns red. Peppers get to around 2 inches an have the typical shape of a Bhut Jolokia. Plants are highly productive in full sun. This plant needs to be in full sun for pods to turn purple. Great for drying for powder or flake. Open pollinated 90 days from transplanting.

Purple Ghost Pepper

SKU: 8236-10