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Here is a special offer of pepper mixed seeds! These are the seeds that get away from us during processing. At the end of the day there thousands of seeds that fall away from the packaging. We gather them up an put them into a bucket. Once seeds get mixed you cant sell them with out knowing exactly what they are. We process over 250+ varieties of peppers a year and there are lots of left overs. A list of some of them will be listed below and we are offering them in this incredible package deal! We do NOT make any claims that you will receive all 250+ seed varieties since we have no way of knowing witch are witch. Open pollinated mixed varieties of seeds.


7 Pot Brain Strain 

7 Pot Yellow 

7 Pot original red 

Aji Habanero 

Aji Panca 

Aji Peanut 

Aji Penec 

Albanian Red Hot 

Anaheim Hot 

Ancho Chile 


Banana Sweet 

Beaver Dam Hot 

Bell of Göllü 

Bhut Jolokia Orange 

Bhut Jolokia Red 

Bhut Jolokia White 

Birds Eye 

Brown Bhutlah 

Black Bhutlah 

Bulgarian Ratund 

California Wonder Sweet 

California Wonder yellow 



Carolina Reaper 

Cascabel Chile 

Cayenne Golden 

Cayenne Joe's Long 

Cayenne Large Thick 

Cayenne Long Thin 

Cayenne Purple 

Cayenne Sweet 

CGN20812-PI 159233 



Costeno Rojo 


Criolla De Cocina 

Cubanelle Sweet 


Devil Yellow 

Devil’s Tongue Red 

Dulce Marrón (PL) 

Ethiopian Brown Berbere 

Fatalii yellow 

Fatalii red 




Georgescu Chocolate 

Giant Aconcagua 

Goat CGN22794-PI260595 

Goat’s weed 

Goliath Bell 

Gypsy Sweet 

Habanero Caribbean Red 

Habanero Chocolate 

Habanero Lemon 

Habanero Mustard 

Habanero Peach 

Habanero Pimiento Orange 

Habanero small White 

Hinkelhatz Hot OG 

Hot Beads 

Hungarian Black 

Indian Jwala 


Jalapeno CP 085 

Jalapeño Early 

Jalapeño Mild 

Jalapeños Cracked 


Jimmy Nardello's 

Lemon Drop 


Madame Jeanette Yellow 

Malaysian Goronong 

Manzano Orange 

Manzano Yellow / Red

Marbles hot 

Marconi Giant 

Maule's Red Hot 

McMahon's Texas Bird 

Melrose sweet frying 

Mini-Bell Yellow Stuffing 

Monster Bell Yellow 


Mushroom Red 

Nagalah Red 

Paper Lantern 

Paprika Alma 


To many to list here!

Mixed Pepper Seeds 40

SKU: 8242-40
PriceFrom $2.99
  • Quantity

    40 seeds


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  • Pepper Review Video

    Third and Final Pepper Harvest 2019


    Peppers require a long warm season to produce fruits, taking from 58 to 100 days to mature. Although grown as an annual throughout most of the country, peppers survive as perennials in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9b, 10 and 11. Ornamental, sweet and hot peppers all require the same conditions for germination and fruit production.

    1. Start pepper seeds six to eight weeks before you plan to plant them outside. Use planting trays or pots with drainage holes and a separate water tray to allow excess moisture to drain.

    2. Wash planting trays or pots with hot water and soap. Mix nine parts water with one part bleach and rinse the containers with the mixture to remove any bacteria and fungus.

    3. Fill the planting container with seed starting mix. Use a packaged soilless blend or make your own using one-third peat, one-third sand and one-third vermiculite.

    4. Broadcast the pepper seeds across the seed starting medium. Cover them with a light layer of the medium about twice as thick as the seed width.

    5. Mist the planted container with room temperature water until the starting mix feels damp all the way through. Cover the tray or pots with a humidity dome or plastic film.

    6. Place the planters in a warm location. Pepper seeds need temperatures around 70 to 80 degrees F to germinate. Use a seed starting heat mat with thermostat to ensure consistent and accurate temperatures.

    7. Check the peppers daily for moisture levels and seedlings. Mist as needed to keep the soilless mix moist. Germination takes seven to 14 days for most varieties of peppers. Remove the plastic cover when seedlings appear.


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