Here is the Mirasol Chile Pepper, Capsicum annuum, Scoville units: 2,500 to 5,000 SHU. The Mirasol Chile Pepper originates from Mexico. It is sometimes called guajillo chile in it's dried form but this is an actual cultivar that is different then the guajillo pepper. It is an upright, medium heat pepper but have had some that were hotter. This variety is considered a landrace variety and is used to make a salsa for tamales. Pods can get to 4.5 inches long. One plant can produce dozens of peppers and get to 30 inches tall and bushy which makes a great house plant. You can Grow it as an ornamental, or in the vegetable garden, or both! Open pollinated, 70 days.

Mirasol Chile Pepper

SKU: 8148-10
  • 10 seeds

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