Here is the HR 116 Black Rib Pepper, Capsicum annuum, Scoville units: 80,000 ~ 200,000 SHU. This pepper was created by Heirloom Reviews and originates from Pennsylvania, USA. This cross used 3 different cultivars with plants reaching 5 feet tall. Fruits are about 2 inches long with a red placenta. The strange thing about this variety is the ribs get a blackening to them and are hotter then any other part of the fruit! This blackening affect happens after ripened fruits remain on the plant for a long period of time. Fruits have a fiery burn the last twice as long as any other pepper. They also have a very unique flavor. This variety is not fully stable and a F-2 2019. Keep in mind the plants are not stable and may or may not produce the same blackening effect in every plant. Open pollinated 90 days.

HR 116 Black Rib Pepper

SKU: 8225-10
  • 10 seeds

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