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Subscribe to Heirloom Reviews today on YouTube! it's FREE!! Welcome to the Heirloom Reviews channel. This channel focuses on growing many verities of heirloom seeds. We buy seeds from many seed companies. We grow them out to their full potential and beyond! Wintering over pepper plants is one of the things this channel focuses on, PERMACULTURE is our motto. We also provide other genres during the slow months like in winter when gardening is slow. Research is one of the the main reasons this channel was created! New developments happen by trial an error and we share those results here. We cover everything from seeds, tomatoes, fish tanks, gardening, plants, landscaping, gardenia, tomato, vegetables, pepper, pepper plant, pet, cat, animals, the moon, weather, tree, plants, sky, nature, wildlife, gardens, education and the results! So come join us here an help make this a better channel an "let us grow together" Regards, JOHN

Heirloom Reviews YouTube

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