Here is the Green Striped Crookneck Cushaw Squash,  Cucurbita mixta. It is known as an Improved Cushaw squash and is a winter squash. This squash is a old time heirloom from the 1820's and has mottled green strips down the length. It has a great smooth flavor and best picked young. They can reach 12 to 18 inches in size. The flesh is light-yellow an is mild and slightly sweet in flavor. It is mostly grown in the southern and southwestern United States but can be grown anywhere! In addition to the plant's tolerance for heat, the Green Striped Cushaw's large, vigorous vines are resistant to the squash vine borer, which kills other squash and pumpkin plants that aren't protected with pesticides. Open pollinated 80 to 90 days.

Green Striped Crookneck Cushaw Squash

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