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Here is the Galapagos Wild Tomato Hairy Strain (Minor) Type 1, Solanum galapagense. It also goes under the botanical name of Lycopersicon cheesmaniae var. minor or L. cheesmanii var. minor but (Solanum galapagense) is the accepted botanical name. Their are 2 species native to the Galapagos Islands, major and minor. There are also 2 variations of the minor, a hairy type (1) and a non-hairy type (2). This listing is for the minor (Solanum galapagense) hairy type (1) variety. This particular species and variety (Hairy Type 1) grows along the coast line not in the highlands and is tolerant of salty soil as well as thriving under high intensity light. The leaves are divided, tripinnate with tertiary leaflets. Fruits are extremely small ranging from .25 to .45 inches round and are very hairy and orange in color. They also have long calyxes for the size of the tomato. The wild tomato (Solanum galapagense) from Galapagos Archipelago is a very rare tomato type to come across! We found this variety to be resistant to most diseases. The fruits are NOT edible and are said to be toxic so grow it as an ornamental till further research is done. This species tends to handle cooler climates and grows well in very wet conditions. Seeds are tiny an need some attention and very slow at start an may have a dormancy, if yes use GA3 hormone to start them. They can be over wintered and will live for many years! Open pollinated Indeterminate, regular leaf, perennial 65-100+ days.

Galapagos Wild Tomato Hairy Strain (Minor) Type 1

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