Here is the Hardy Chili Pepper, Capsicum flexuosum, Scoville Units: 8,000 SHU. This pepper originates from the southern regions of Brazil and is more of a tree then a plant and can reach 10 feet tall. This species is cold hardy down to temperatures as cold as 15 degrees F. It is also a black seed variety with very tiny seeds. The fruits range around .5 inches in size and are red or orange at times. They can be very heavy producers well over 100 pods per plant. This is among some of the difficult to start from seed, some seed can pop up as long as a year later! We are offering both seed and cuttings. There are several variations of capsicum flexuosum, this is just one, the 2n = 24 chromosomes strain. These peppers are mild in heat but can be quite hot and varies from pepper to pepper. We will update this listing once seeds become available in the fall. Open pollinated up to 130 days to sprout.

Capsicum flexuosum

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  • 10 seeds

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