Here is the Boule D'or Turnip, Brassica napobrassica. This French heirloom an its history goes back as far as 150 years. Sometimes referred to as Jaune Boule d’Or or Golden Ball Turnip. It is a medium sized root getting to 3 inches round with this golden yellow color an has a fragrance to it when harvested. It is best to harvest when the bulbs are about 2 inches round for best flavor and texture. We found this variety to make a great sweet mash potato like dish but also goes great in soups and stews. For summer crops, start turnip seeds early in spring, and for fall crops, start the seeds in midsummer, about two months before the first expected frost. Open pollinated 50 to 60 days.

Boule D'or Turnip

SKU: 6201-50
  • 50 seeds
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