Here is the Bolivian Yellow Pepper, Capsicum baccatum, Scoville units: 2,000 ~ 6,000 shu. This pepper originates from Bolivia. We have 3 variations of this pepper, orange, yellow and cream. They have an amazing baccatum flavor and are great eating fresh or dried. They turn orange and stay orange same with the other colors. We originally sourced our seed from pepperlovers, Open pollinated 90 days. Please note we can't guaranty the colors will stay true as this is our first time growing them.


Update: A viewer on YouTube brought to our attention that this pepper may be the Aji Melocoton which was a cream version of the Bolivian orange. Tho Pepperlovers named it the Aji Melocoton which is simply a cream variation of the original Bolivian orange pepper, Either way this variety originated from Bolivia. We prefer to call it as it is but you can call it Aji Melocoton if you want. Again we originally sourced our seed from pepperlovers.

Bolivian Yellow Pepper

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