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The Arugula plant is also known as Rocket, Eruca vesicaria comes in a few varieties. This listing is for the common Arugula varity. It is an annual herb in the Brassicaceae family. Arugula is grown widely in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey, where its leaves and seeds are used as a herb or spice for flavoring food or in salads. Raw arugula is 92% water, 4% carbohydrates, 2.5% protein, and contains negligible fat. Arugula is best when used fresh, as it loses its flavor rapidly if dried. However, freeze-dried leaves retain their flavor relatively well for a few months. Plants get to 2 to 2.5 foot tall with oak leaf like foliage. Open pollinated 35 to 60 days depending on the stage you want to harvest.


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    Planting and Harvesting Tips:
    Start indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost of spring. Transplant outside after the soil has warmed to 65˚ to 75˚F. Sow one inch deep and space 12-18 inches apart in rows 3-4 feet apart. Plants prefer full sun and moist soil with plenty of organic matter.
    Harvest daily with a sharp knife during hot weather — pods taste best when young and grow quickly past the stage of prime eating. Wear gloves and long sleeves for protection from spines.


    Green Thumb Tip
    Sow seeds outdoors when the soil has warmed. Tolerant of heat and drought, but not of cold. Keep well picked for higher yields.
    DIRECT SEED 2" Apart
    SEED DEPTH 1/2"
    THIN 6-8" Apart
    LIGHT Full Sun
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