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Here is the Aji Challuaruro Amarillo Pepper, Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum, Scoville units: 500 to 2,000 SHU. This wild pepper originates from the highlands of Peru but is cultivated and sold in the street markets. It is a C. pendulum pepper with pods getting 4 inches long and smooth skinned. Pods start out bone in color with patches of purple then turn to a deep yellow color when fully ripe. Plants can get to 5+ feet tall and tend to be a large plants but if pruned they tend to stay small like 3 feet tall. Pods have an amazing baccatum flavor with a very nice smooth crunchy sweetness that is very satisfying but some peppers may be very hot! These make a great grilling pepper especially for frying and hold up well on the grill and also great for pickling, drying and fresh eating too! Open pollinated 70 to 90 days.

Aji Challuaruro Amarillo Pepper

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