Here is the Rocotillo Pepper, Capsicum chinense, Scoville units: 1,500 to 2,500 SHU. The Rocotillo Pepper originates from Peru and grown in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the southern United States. There seems to be both C. chinense and C. baccatum peppers referred to as Rocotillo. The name Rorotillo is used in many parts of the world that are locally called Rocotillo pepper. We believe this particular one is from south America. It is very similar to the mushroom pepper but much flatter. One plant can produce dozens of peppers about 2 inches across. Plants get to around 3 feet tall and bushy. Often used to make jams and jellies. Open pollinated, 70 days.

Rocotillo Pepper

SKU: 8160-10
  • 10 seeds

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