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Membership Reward Points

Earn points on every dollar spent!

NEW Welcome to the new points system we now added to This App was offered to us as an add-on and we want to give back a little more. With points you can build up points to get a cash discount whenever you want. The way it works is as follows:

1) 5 Points for every dollar spent.

2) 100 Points = $1.00 cash back!

3) You can earn points in addition to any other discounts, coupons or other offers.

4) Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP members can earn and redeem points.

5) Point system is the same for all levels of memberships.

PLEASE NOTE: This rewards system is free with no obligations other then making a purchase. Points can not be cashed in for cash redemption but can only be applied to a future order. HRSeeds holds the right to remove this rewards option for whatever reason we feel necessary with NO obligation. If the owner of this application closes the app, this reward system will be discontinued due to circumstances beyond our control.

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