Here is the Purple Calabash Tomato , Solanum lycopersicum. This tomato originates from Mexico and it's history dates as far back to the pre-Columbian era! The first mention of it was by Thomas Jefferson in his notes in 1781 " Jefferson grew his tomatoes at Monticello in 1809 - the first summer of his retirement - and grew them until his death. The ribbed, bulbous, and scarred Purple Calabash tomato dates back to pre-Columbian Mexico." This tomato is considered a "flat" tomato or some may consider it an "ugly" type tomato. It is known for it's heavy ribbing an it's deep purple color. It is a fairly good producer bearing as many as 2+ dozen tomatoes in a season. they tend to get around 3" but can get much larger. Open pollinated 75 days.

Purple Calabash Tomato

SKU: 7481-20
  • 20 seeds

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