Here is where you will find the latest News, Website updates, Events and NEW site features. We will post bulletins from time to time on things that will affect things like: gardening, seed saving, agricultural news, and major weather changes that will affect your growing season. If there are any Updates to it will also be posted here. And from time to time HRSeeds may engage in public events like: Trade shows, Vidcon, Festivals, Farmer market events, Sponsored events, Guest appearances on public broadcasting and Meet & Greets.


  4/7/2021  is moving to a new host soon!

Since the beginning of the year (2021), WIX host has been failing to provide premium services (that we pay a pretty penny for!) and they refuse to correct the issues. One of the main issues are these 5XX errors that affects all the main search engines. HRSeeds has been de-listed from google, Yandex, Bing and more for several weeks now and WIX has done nothing to rectify the problems. Once we find a new host and redirect our domain to it, you will be able to buy seeds again there. But for now visit us on eBay to purchase seeds. If you don't see the seeds your looking for contact us and we will make the listing for you. We do plan on moving all our inventory to eBay but this will take several weeks as we have over a 1000 products! In closing, The biggest mistake we made was choosing WIX as a host as we have been warned not to build an eCommerce website on WIX because of all the bugs and their of lack of care fixing problems! Again visit us on eBay for now as we rebuild our website with a reputable host like WordPress or Go Daddy.

  2/6/2021           Premium Memberships coming soon!


We will be offering Bronze/FREE, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Commercial memberships on With the massive increase in daily visitors coming to, it is becoming harder and harder to keep our inventory stocked to meet the demand. We want to be able to supply a wide variety of seeds to everyone but due to our limitations on some varieties, we have to prioritize these high demand items to those who become premium members. Also we received many request for creating commercial accounts for larger companies and this is where they can create their accounts. There are many benefits to these memberships and are priced very reasonably. As of 2/6/2021 is still operating on a "first come first serve" basis. But in the future we will be moving over to the premium memberships. For now just the FREE (Bronze) and commercial memberships are available. 

  2/2/2021           Updating our members area and some glitches


The members section has some glitches at this time and we are working on getting this fixed. The members area is a third party app that is provided by the host and we have very little control on things that need to be fixed. In the meantime, if you want to get access to your profile after you log in you have to click on where it says followers or following and it will bring you to your full profile where you can see your wishlist, past purchases, about me page and so on. 

  1/18/2021           Here is a list of the countries we are NOT shipping to.

Angola, Brunei, Central African Republic, Chad, Cuba, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Laos, 

Liberia, Martinique, Mauritius, Republic of Congo, Reunion (Bourbon),

Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Miquelon), Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Yemen.

  12/26/2020           PayPal may be getting phased out in 2021


In recent weeks, PayPal has been causing some problems that we are not happy with. For about 5 days PayPal has locked us out of our account simply because we could not receive a text for verification even though we have been a loyal PayPal customer for almost 20 years. They were rude, hung up on us several times and gave us no solution for us to transfer funds out of PayPal. If you are a PayPal only user, make a comment HERE and let us know if removing PayPal from our website would cause problems for you.

  12/24/2020           NEW Search Bar permanently added!


We have been trying to add a search bar since the inception of HRSeeds. All the search bars we tried in the past were sub par and didn't work well. Now we have a new search bar we are fairly satisfied with. If you know what your looking for you can now do a site search and see if we have that item. We are considering adding a full google internet search bar page where you can search the whole net for the items you're looking for but that is in the future. If you don't see the seed items you are looking for, you can try to add that to your wish list or contact us with your request and we may add it to our future offers!

  10/20/2020       NEW FREE Shipping to Canada on orders over $100


We are now offering FREE SHIPPING to Canada on orders $100 or more! This is limited to pepper and tomato seeds only at this time. 

  10/13/2020           NEW Add to WISHLIST option added.


The NEW wishlist option is now available in your member profile. This now allows you to add out of stock items to this wishlist. When the item is back in stock you will be able to view it in your wishlist with the add to cart button colored yellow! You can also add items that are in stock if you wish.

6/8/2020              International shipping available for some countries.


UPDATE: Earlier this year we had to suspend international shipping due to Covid-19 issues. We are now shipping internationally to some countries again. Canada, Europe, UK, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries are now resuming shipping. If your country is on the USPS list, We are not shipping to those countries at this time. Click HERE to see if your country is on the list that we are NOT shipping to at this time.

5/15/2020      Important Notice: International shipping is suspended.


UPDATE: We had to suspend international shipping at this time due to coronavirus regulations in the USA. The post office had just informed us that no mail deliveries are going out to any or most countries other then the USA domestic deliveries. Any international shipping orders that were already sent and get returned will be refunded less the shipping charges. We are sorry to make this announcement, but until things get back to normal if they ever do international shipping will remain suspended. You can read more HERE.

5/15/2020      Important HRSeeds Notice: Fake HRSeeds Websites.


UPDATE: We are now rolling out an official seal of authentication on all our websites and social media. This will apply to all printed material we send out with orders and otherwise. You can read more about this official seal HERE. We also put in place a copyright notice as well. Click HERE to read more.

5/14/2020      Important HRSeeds Notice: Fake HRSeeds Websites.


In the recent months and weeks, A number of websites have been popping up Impersonating HRSeeds brand and website selling goods and services under the HRSeeds brand name. THIS IS NOT US! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE WEBSITES!! We are only selling seeds on, Ebay and Square at this time. Yes we do have a number of Beta websites like, Chilisforever, HRseedsBlack, Heirloom and a few others but we are NOT accepting payments on these sites. Only make your purchases from the websites mentioned in red above. These fictitious websites may be selling counterfeit products under our brand name! This is the official website and everything else is not us. This may be the case for amazon as well. We are NOT selling on Amazon at this time. If you have made a purchase from these websites, we recommend you make a claim to PayPal or what ever credit card you made a purchase with on those websites. We are in the process of filing DMCA claims and contacting the web host to take down the infringed copyright protected media. If that don't work then we will file lawsuits! We are sorry to have to post this kind of messages but we want to bring this to your attention so you don't make the mistake thinking it was us. Our attorney is working on legal notices for this web site and will be accessible only on this website.  If you have made purchases from these fake hrseeds websites, please let us know. Any further updates on these matters will be posted here.

4/10/2020      HRSeeds Update in Regards to Coronavirus COVID-19


HRSeeds is being affected by the Coronavirus, COVID-19 crisis like most other businesses. So as most of you know, COVID-19 is affecting all business big and small. We are experiencing shortages in seed supply and can not restock our inventory due to most other seed suppliers having shut their business down for a few weeks. This has put a major strain on supply and demand across the globe! As a result, we are unable to restock our inventory till things start flowing again so you will see things OUT OF STOCK on some items. We are also experiencing delays in shipping in some cases depending on the region of the world you are located in. Some of our shipping options have been disabled like Fedex and DHL for now due to the complexities involved in using their services, so please only use USPS as your shipping choice. All payment options are unaffected for the time being. If this changes we will post it here. has been getting a massive amount of traffic far more then we usually get by a factor of 10! This is causing our seed supply to go out of stock fast. We have sold more seed in the last 6 weeks then in the whole year of 2019! This is a good thing but the bad thing is we didn't see this coming and did not prepare for such a massive influx of demand. As a result, we are running out of supplies to process orders like printer paper, ink, labels ETC... along with seed supplies. So we are printing shipping labels and packing slips on older orders just so we do not have to shut down our website. We can not get things like paper, ink envelopes for several weeks as the supply and demand chain slowly crumbles down. However we are going to remain online right down to the last sheet of paper! So disregard any an all writing on the opposite side of your packing slips. If your a member, you can store all your orders in your account and you can print your orders from there if you need to.


We are processing orders on a first come first serve biases at this time. So there may be a 1 to 3 day delay before we can ship your order out so please have patients during this crisis. Our printers are running all day long so we may run out of ink and paper and if this happens we will just refund your order but we don't think will be an issue at the moment.

In closing, HRSeeds and all its employees do NOT have corona virus. We are all doing well with our health! We are located high in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania and also have a "shelter in place" order state wide which reduces our exposure risk by 90+%. We are a committed seed supplier and will remain open right down to the last seed and will continue to serve the general public the best we can. If there are any changes or we have no choice but to go off line, then we will post it here. We hope all of you are doing well and staying safe! We will beat this thing and become stronger as an outcome!



7/12/2020   Severe Heatwave To Extend It's Self Through July














So far for 2020 we have been seeing temperatures high in the 90's in the north-east that started in June. Well it's only going to get worse and this will highly affect your gardens! Here is a video from the weather channel that will explain it better.



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