FREE Seed Giveaway!

1st place - Pro bong
2nd place - Don Hartman
3rd place - Ryan Mcalary

Congratulations to all the winners! Please contact us ASAP!!

**contest is now over**

*Important UPDATE to rules 12/1/2018

Contact us with every icon you find! VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!

Don't stop looking!! If you only find one icon! KEEP looking for the other icons an contact us every time you find one. What is happening is everyone is finding the same icons contacting us then stopping the search! The problem with that is if you submit one icon an stop you wont have a chance at any other icons you may have found! That would not be fare. I want every one to win!! So from this point on submit every icon you find and get them in as soon as you find one. Check update video on YouTube!!!

Welcome to HRSeeds Free seed give away! Once a year we do a seed giveaway when we have over stock in our seed supply. This year, 2018 is going to be for our pepper and tomato seeds and we are going to do a giveaway from December 1st to December 31st 2018. The contest will end on December 31 and we will announce the winners in the first week on January 2019. No purchase necessary to enter. This contest is only for the lower 48 USA though you can enter from another country but we will only ship to the lower 48 USA. Shipping will be first class regular postage, standard envelope, no tracking or insurance. We will make a video announcing the start date and end date. Once the contest ends we will then make another video announcing the winners so be sure to follow us on YouTube for updates. You must be a member to enter this contest. Becoming a member has many benefits and its FREE! We also recommend you sign up to our email list for specials we offer through out the year. See rules below:













To enter the free seed giveaway you must become a member so sign up here.

This contest is for pepper and tomato seeds. Anything with * means its not eligible for the contest due to limited supply. If the item is out of stock its ineligible by default even if its not marked with *

You can only win one place holder you cant win 1st & 2nd or 3rd & 1st places only one.

Prizes will go as follows:

1st place = 3 seed of your choice

2nd place = 2 seed of your choice
3rd place = 1 seed of your choice


You can only enter once with one membership. If you try to enter with multiple memberships, you will be disqualified and banned from entering future giveaways, so be courteous to others and play fair.


The contest will go like this, you must find one of the icons on one of the product pages.


First place icons =                   or


Second place icons =             or


Third place icons =                 or

The icons will be placed on any product pages like HERE or HERE

The icons will range in size and transparency but they will be what you see here. Its not an easy hunt but will be doable, you just need to look carefully. It will be anywhere on that page if its on the page your looking on. All 6 of these icons will be placed somewhere on the site but you can only win once. So if you find more then one icon pick one and contact us immediately! Make sure you include the page link and icon where you found the icon so we know which one you found. If 10 people find the same icon only the FIRST contact will be the winner. You wont know if your the winner till the end of the contest due to checking the contestants qualifications to make sure they are eligible. If someone makes a contact at 12:01am 12/12/2018 and is found to be ineligible then it goes to the next in line. Once you are found to be a winner, we will contact you where you need to supply a shipping address. It doesn't have to be your address it can be any address you want as long as it's in the lower 48 USA. Make sure you look on every image over every text and may even be over a video as an overlay. Check the page from top to bottom, don't be in a rush you have a month to look so take your time. Make sure to watch the YouTube video for some tips and hints! That's it!! have fun hunting and happy holidays! : )


P.S. Please turn off add blocker! This site has adds and helps fund things like this contest. Thank you in advance.


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